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April newsletter: Security, 1.5 million domains, new gTLD calendar and more

Last month, we reached a new milestone: 1.5 million domain names registered at Gandi. Can you imagine? If you wrote each domain name on an elephant and stacked the elephants on top of each other, you could reach the moon!*

That number has been on the rise for 14 years straight, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, especially with all the new gTLDs coming out. Below, you'll find a calendar of this month's new extensions.

The .CO registry has a great deal during April and May, and new .CO registrations are 75% this week only.

It has been a very busy last few weeks in terms of security. You'll find the details below.

Finally, we'll summarize the current promotions available at Gandi.

This week in Washington DC: Gandi advocates for a free, open, and safe Internet

Continuing our ongoing tradition of digital advocacy, Gandi participated this week in the Internet Education Day on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, hosted by the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (, of which Gandi is a founding member.

Protest NSA mass surveillance: Add your voice

Since the start of 2012, when the SOPA legislation was defeated by a grassroots opposition movement led by large Internet companies, political power over the information resources that Internet represents has shifted. Ordinary people and the companies they use have become a force for change, or at least to oppose restrictions on individual rights. This week we have a chance to make a real difference again, in the critical area of reforming the law governing mass surveillance.

Picking a domain name for your business

There are a lot of things to think about when you are starting a business. What should you use for a source of initial funds? Should you borrow money? Ask your mother? Get seed capital? What about marketing your service or product? Do you want to advertise? Where? Who do you network with? Oh, and a web site… you need one, right? One of the first things entrepreneurs do when starting a business is to come up with a great business name. After a late night or two of brainstorming with friends and colleagues, you might think you have captured the essence of your idea in a word you made up or translated into Greek or Latin. The name of a business is important, and conveys, in a word, the soul of what you do. What about the domain name? Drat! It’s taken!

Gandi has a New T-Shirt: Gandi Invaders!

Our erstwhile in-house artist, Steven, was inspired to make a new t-shirt design by his years at Atari (or was it years playing Atari?). Anyway, we now have a great new way for you to express your displeasure with the invasion of bullshit nagging offers you get with other hosting and domain registrar companies. Who is the savior? An 8-bit Gandi!

Online Privacy needs your help

here are disturbing revelations coming from a whistleblower about U.S. Government surveillance programs that track phone calls and our online communications. Even your so-called private messages via Skype or Facebook can be read by spy agencies under a secret program called PRISM, run by the NSA (National Security Agency). They will not stop unless we demand they stop. Can we count on you?

Gandi rolls out new cloud billing platform

It has been a few weeks since we first started talking about a new way to bill for cloud computing services, and our technical teams have been hard at work to make the changes needed to give our customers a smoother, more flexible way to pay for compute power online. Not to mention less expensive: the vast majority of our customers will pay less under the new scheme, since instead of reserving shares ahead of time, you reconfigure whenever and pay by the hour for what you actually use.

Gandi and the i2Coalition support new patent reform bill

Have you ever heard of a patent troll?
All innovators face the reality that many, many things have been thought of already, and are patented is some markets. We have to work hard to ensure our ideas are not only useful, necessary, and cool, but also completely new and original. That's why it's so frustrating to see our efforts bogged down with frivolous patent lawsuits. The "trolls" are the often-shadowy legal entities who file these suits, sometimes hundreds of claims at a time, many without merit. Why? Because they can. There is little or no legal barrier or downside to their doing so in the USA, and the suits can cost millions to fight, while the trolls dangle settlements of tens of thousands to make them go away.

A new ICANN registrar agreement is on the way - What does it mean for Gandi customers?

With the arrival of new gTLD extensions set for late 2013, ICANN has, more or less in agreement with registrars like Gandi, decided to implement a new registrar accreditation agreement. We will be required to sign this new contract to continue registering new domains. This will have ripple effects through the industry for everyone who holds domain registrations, and is therefore subject to ICANN's contracts. The effects will mainly have to do with the validity of customer data in the whois database.

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