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When private and public domain names collide

"Name collision" sounds like a scary thing. We think of asteroids smashing into each other sending shards of rock careening dangerously towards Earth's orbit or the familiar sick thud of the back bumper crunching into a parked vehicle and the ensuing insurance mess, but name collision is really not so scary.

Simply put, name collision, at least in the context of domain names, is when two things have the same name on two networks and it is therefore not clear to which is being referred when requesting the thing with that name.

Picking a domain name for your business

There are a lot of things to think about when you are starting a business. What should you use for a source of initial funds? Should you borrow money? Ask your mother? Get seed capital? What about marketing your service or product? Do you want to advertise? Where? Who do you network with? Oh, and a web site… you need one, right? One of the first things entrepreneurs do when starting a business is to come up with a great business name. After a late night or two of brainstorming with friends and colleagues, you might think you have captured the essence of your idea in a word you made up or translated into Greek or Latin. The name of a business is important, and conveys, in a word, the soul of what you do. What about the domain name? Drat! It’s taken!

A new ICANN registrar agreement is on the way - What does it mean for Gandi customers?

With the arrival of new gTLD extensions set for late 2013, ICANN has, more or less in agreement with registrars like Gandi, decided to implement a new registrar accreditation agreement. We will be required to sign this new contract to continue registering new domains. This will have ripple effects through the industry for everyone who holds domain registrations, and is therefore subject to ICANN's contracts. The effects will mainly have to do with the validity of customer data in the whois database.

New extensions on the way!

Unless you have spent the last year studiously avoiding Domain Name news, you probably know that there is something happening at ICANN this year. Yes, that's right, ICANN has authorized the creation of nearly 2,000 new top-level extensions over the next 3 years. That's a big number! Probably more than you will want to register. While this flood of new possibilities is exciting, and we do hope that it enables a lot of creative activity, we expect the new extensions to be seriously underutilized, for the most part.

Accented .FR domains

On May 3rd, some of you will be able to register the first .fr domain names with accents (as well as in other extensions managed by AFNIC). The large majority of others will be able to do so as of July 3rd. Why? Here are some more details...

Monitor Your Domain Name

Why Monitor Your Domain Name?

A domain name is a distinctive mark, one that lets your customers, your suppliers, all of your contacts know who they are communicating with on the Internet. Depending on the popularity of your brand, your domain name may be subjected to counterfeiting or abuse, in the form of cybersquatting. This can damage or abuse your online identity, allowing others to masquerade as you, to their advantage.

New Domain Name and Email API

Those that have been following our blog closely are aware that we have been doing a complete overhaul of our domain name platform over the past year.
With this overhaul comes a new domain name and Email API, replacing that already available to resellers. As a special surprise, the new API will also be available for non-resellers too!.

Price Increase for .COM/.NET/.BIZ

As you may already know, ICANN, the regulatory authority for domain names, authorized the principal registries (.com, .net, .org ...) to increase their pricing in 2007. Of course, the registries were not slow to take advantage of the opportunity. A 7% increase in 2007, and a further 7% in 2008, was followed by yet another 7% increase in mid 2010. Now, Verisign will once again be increasing prices, theortically for the last time, on 15 January 2012 by a further 7%. This makes for a total real increase of 31%, which, given the margins on the product is an enormous pill to swallow. Here is what we will do for you...

.XXX end of the Sunrise period

The first phase, called the Sunrise, that was designed to let you protect your domain name in the .XXX extension and that was expected to end today on the 28th of October at 16:00 GMT has been extended until Monday, October 31st at 15:00 GMT. I'll take this opportunity to let you know what will happen next:

Update on the new gTLDs

After much discussion, ICANN finally met in Singapore this July and confirmed the launch of the new gTLD process that began in Paris three years ago. As a result of this meeting, in 2 to 3 years from now, we will see a major change in the internet, and an increase in the number of extensions to choose from.

Release of .XXX

Having been in the news for the past few years, the highly controversial .XXX will be released in September 2011.

Participate in the Sunrise period :

What's the current situation? How will it work? How can you protect your brand, and how much will it cost? We will try to address these questions below...

GANDI is reinforcing its Corporate offer

The idea in itself is simple: too many companies that want to have a real management of their online identity pay too much for their domain names just because they are companies, and because they are approached by providers either vaunting their service or through glossy marketing brochures. Being very aware of this, we introduced a new approach to this a while ago to try and bring about another way of handling this situation.

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