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On Security at Part I

Much has been made lately about stealthy hackers stealing domains, websites, Twitter handles, and even Gandi accounts (or trying to). In this series, we want to share a story or two, and let you know what we think about how to keep your account secure, what we do for your security, and what you can do for your security at

Gandi has a New T-Shirt: Gandi Invaders!

Our erstwhile in-house artist, Steven, was inspired to make a new t-shirt design by his years at Atari (or was it years playing Atari?). Anyway, we now have a great new way for you to express your displeasure with the invasion of bullshit nagging offers you get with other hosting and domain registrar companies. Who is the savior? An 8-bit Gandi!

Zone file management: many new improvements

Zone file management at Gandi is one of the critical aspects of domain names. While efficient, our interfaces remained unchanged since 2006. The new version is the result of much internal discussion, and was designed in such a way as to bring you the improvements that were requested on our wishlist as well as the ones that we would have liked to see as customers ourselves :)

The Importance of Our Customers

Now that the redesign of our backend system is nearly complete, it's time to move on to the phase we've been internally calling Gandi V4. It will consist of an optimization of our website (for speed, usability, etc) and the introduction of Domain name and Web Hosting tools and web interfaces that some of you have been requesting for months, or even, in some cases, for years.

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