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New website creation tool (HTML5)

After having listened to the many pertinent remarks that our customers have made on this topic, we recognized the importance of finding a new website creation tool that we could provide you with. This tool would need to allow you to create a website in pure HTML5/CSS, import and export your website as easily as possible, and all the while being sure that it is easy to use and to create a professional looking website.

Quicker inter-domain and server navigation

The optimization of Gandi interfaces is something that we work hard at. We have many ideas as to how to improve things (display rapidity, ergonomics, etc.) and you, our customers, frequently submit very interesting ideas with regards to this.

We are pleased to present a new feature that will make your life easier :)

Happy New Year 2011

The whole Gandi team would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year for 2011. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly recap on 2010, and also to take a look ahead at what 2011 has in store :)

Gandi has upgraded to V3.0.7

This version enables the opening of our US branch in Baltimore, Maryland, in a couple of days. It will also bring you a complete reworking of our domain name transfer process.

The domain transfer system is an aging part of Gandi's platform, and we clearly needed to update it in order to improve the quality of transfers to Gandi.

Scheduled Maintenance: Gandi upgrade to version 3.0.6

We are undergoing scheduled maintenance this morning from 04:00 UTC to 07:00 UTC (06:00-09:00 CET) to upgrade Gandi to version 3.0.6.  This new version will have its own dedicated blog entry available in the course of the morning.

05:48 UTC:  The upgrade is progressing smoothly, and we will be able to reopen the reseller API momentarily.
06:05 UTC:  The reseller APIs are now reopened.
07:33 UTC:  The services is now restored.  Thank you for your patience.

We have noticed some bugs that are currently being addressed:
  • problem in the creation of email addresses
  • problem in the domain name transfer process
  • connection problems with some customers

The saga – what actually happened

For those following this story, it’s been a pretty confusing and unsettling ordeal. And we’re certainly sorry for the part we played and adding to the confusion. But this was a play with many players, so let us set out below what happened and why. The major players in this drama were: (us), Moxie (the customer) and Comodo (the SSL technology provider). I could add the the Easter weekend, but I won't. And everyone played a part in this going wrong and shares some of the responsibility. We’ll set out why below.

Celebrate our 10th Birthday by accepting our gift to you of 55,000 domains

10 year Gandi

What’s that you say, Gandi is giving away domain names? Yes that’s right. We’ve never done it before and we’re not likely to do it again. But we thought the occasion of our 10th Birthday was reason enough to make this single exception and share our good fortunes with you our wonderful customers.

This is not a promotion ‘just for new guys’ that you sometimes see elsewhere. The truth behind this promotion, is that it’s there to reward our customers and it pays tribute to your support and loyalty. The longer you’ve been a customer, the more free domain promo codes you may be able to get up to a maximum of 10 for those ancient Gandi-freaks ;-) But not to exclude new customers, they will be able to sign up and grab a single promo code. But that’s not the end of it. For those of you lucky enough to get several promo codes you can either use them yourselves, or choose to give them to your friends, family, enemies (maybe not enemies), or just a nice looking stranger.

The promotion starts March 1, 2.00PM GMT. For more details on how it will work visit our dedicated ‘10 year’ website (hosted by our very on Gandi Cloud).

So what’s happened in these 10 years of ? Many things ;-), but here are a few highlights.

Almost 1 100 000 customers
More than 5 000 000 orders
Over 2 115 000 domains registered
Over 2 300 000 email addresses managed
Almost 25 000 blogs created
Almost 28 500 VPS servers on our cloud infrastructure
Almost 20 400 Site created Gandi SiteMaker
Almost 4 000 SSL certificate generated
Approx 150 000 questions to customer support

And let’s not forget

Hundreds of kilograms of coffee crushed/mixed/swallowed
Almost 100 employees, some there for 10 years and others left after just one day:)
24 children (6 just for Arti! Be careful around Arti)

And one vision – to be an ethical alternative in the murky world of domain name registrars

Thank you for helping us make this happen ;-)

========= Update

1st March - 1000 domains given away in 2m 50s

2nd March - 2000 domains given away in 40 minutes, plus one lesson learned: there's no point having a nice shiny cloud infrastructure if you don't use it properly! Our bad. A few changes to optimise the code on the site and once things were restarted, vouchers were flying off the shelves again. It should be ok now, so thanks for your patience and we'll see you tomorrow ;-)

========= Another Update ;-)

Thanks all for making this celebration such a success. For any of you that are having trouble redeeming codes, don't worry you will get them even if you need help from our support team. A couple of common things to look out for when redeeming your voucher:

  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per order. If you have multiple vouchers, you'll need to place multiple orders. Trying to redeem more than one will create a 'fail' for the second and subsequent vouchers. You'll then have to wait 2 hours before the voucher works again.
  • If your voucher doesn't work, it may be because of the first point above, or it could have been used already (if you found it on Twitter).
  • If you get a message saying your order was canceled, you should get an email from us and please follow up with support and we can put it through manually. When giving away 55k of free domains, we want to be careful not to have them used by fraudsters and spammers. We're not saying you are one, but sometimes our systems look for random checks in the giveaway, and if this affects you, you will need to contact support to process it. We are strongly about being an ethical registrar, so this why we are extra careful.
  • If you have any problems contact us at 10years [at]

Blacklisted by SORBS – a day in the life of

Seeing as this is an issue that is now affecting some of our customers, we thought we’d write a quick post to let you know what is going on. As those of you who know will know, our entire history has been about being fair to our customers and taking a stand against the shady practices of the domain name industry, and the internet industry in general. This of course includes anti-spam policies, and indeed we support SpamHaus which is an anti-spam organisation (

So it is with surprise and regret that we must tell you that we have been blacklisted by SORBS ( for “harbouring spammers”, a charge which I’m sure you can agree is unlikely.

This situation has arisen because of our customer protection processes that are core to our beliefs. Where a customer of ours is a spammer, then we will of course take action. We don’t protect spammers.

But we cannot take action against a customer until we are provided with proof that they actually are a spammer. The requirement of proof is something that we keep strict. There are many situations where complaints by one party against another without proof have led to action by domain companies which is hasty (, and an article written about this and registrar complaint procedures following the action

So when you want to make a complaint about a domain or a customer of ours, please do (abuse at, but you will require proof. And by proof we mean original and complete documentation showing the offense. In the case of spam, this must be full and complete email headers, and not extracts or a sample, or a cut and paste of something. The original headers please.

Similarly, we cannot take action based solely on circumstantial evidence that a given domain or individual may or may not be simply associated in some form with another person or entity, nor on the basis of simply subjective opinion.

Once we have this proof, we kick off our procedures. Immediately.

Anyway, back to SORBS. So back in December we were blacklisted by SORBS without notice. The SORBS process seems to be that you are blacklisted first, then you can have a conversation, and finally you can pay to be removed from their blacklist (see ‘criticism’ section

We had two objectives at this stage;

  1. 1. Understand why we were blacklisted and take appropriate action
  2. 2. Get off the blacklist

For part 1, we required proof that an offense had taken place by our customer. SORBS initially did not provide complete and original proof of the spamming domains and the spam email. They wanted us to take action based on their assertion. It took many requests and replies before we were finally able to get the original documentation that they had in their possession all along.

Once we had this documentation, we have kicked off our RIP process to contact the customer and begin proceedings. The issue is still not clear cut, as no spam originated from Gandi, or the domains we host, but 2 domains we host were mentioned in the spam. We will investigate and let you know. So that’s part 1 done.

But for Part 2, we are still blacklisted. It seems the only way to be removed from the blacklist is to make a donation to a legal defence fund for a case won in 2002. We will not pay to be white-listed, this is just not the way we work. We will continue to follow this up with SORBS, but we cannot be sure of the outcome. Why they couldn’t speak first, punish later is still unclear. But paying to be removed is just not Gandi.

We regret that this has led to us being blacklisted, but we make no apology as we would do it all again. We will protect our customers rights until we have proof they have offended. Innocent until proven guilty. Is this so strange?

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause any of you, but we thought we should explain.

And now: Gandi V3.0.1

Gandi's website has just been upgraded to version 3.0.1. Once again, this version is mainly aimed at stabilizing and improving version 3.0.0 based on your feedback. We have corrected many bugs and perfected some existing features.

Some of the more notable changes are:

  • we have spent a considerable amount of time improving the speed at which your domains are displayed ( on the page. Following this release your domains will be displayed twice as fast as they were with the initial version 3.0.0 and we are working to make this even faster. The speed improvement is most noticeable for those that display their domains in pages of 100.
  • a new location of the information bubble: they are now under the links.
  • added a link so that you can access your server's configuration directly from your list of servers
  • increased the maximum disk limit per server from 2TB to 4TB (eight 500GB disks)
  • the activation of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
  • activated the SSL certificate renewal process
  • moved our wiki to match the V3 look and feel, and have started to update its content.

Version 3.0.2 will arrive in roughly two weeks. It will mainly relate to hosting, but will include a surprise too. Look out for March...

Gandi V3.0.0 : A new hope

Ok, so it's not the right Episode number, but this version of Gandi represents a major turning point for all of us at Gandi that we have been looking forward to for a long time now: rewriting a number of processes that have not been totally satisfactory for you.

The first visible change is the new version of the website. This update will highlight (some will say shout) our values, and will bring to you improved ergonomics (who was it that asked for faster domain searches and the ability to attach tags to domains?).

IPv6 for Gandi (coming soon!)

As a long-time registrar, we are aware of the importance of keeping up with the internet, as well as trying to be at the forefront of changing technologies as we have done for the past four years. Now it's time to do the same with IPv6!

Spring makeover: Gandi is changing its colors! (or colours!)

It is true that the summer vacation - lounging about, and getting a nice tan - is on its way, though we have chosen to do the opposite! By staying in doors and slapping on the sun cream we will be making our website lighter and brighter!

3 years after the big makeover (Gandi V1 to Gandi V2), we felt that it was time to brighten up our website. So that's what we did!

This version is not yet Gandi V3, it is more of a transitional stage, which has incorporated only subtle changes here and there - lightening up the graphics and making everything easier to read. Let’s call it Gandi V2.5!

As always, we welcome your comments, criticisms, reactions, large random shipments of candy…

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