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Gandi rolls out new cloud billing platform

It has been a few weeks since we first started talking about a new way to bill for cloud computing services, and our technical teams have been hard at work to make the changes needed to give our customers a smoother, more flexible way to pay for compute power online. Not to mention less expensive: the vast majority of our customers will pay less under the new scheme, since instead of reserving shares ahead of time, you reconfigure whenever and pay by the hour for what you actually use.

An Accelerator for your Web servers

Our technical team has once again proven that they are resourceful, innovative, and dedicated, by coming up with yet another new product to enhance your experience at Gandi. Check out this new Web Accelerator cache engine and load balancer!

Why choose Simple Hosting for your website?

We're glad you asked!

More and more customers want to know how Gandi Simple Hosting differs from shared hosting offered elsewhere. We know our platform can seem a bit alien compared to other webhosts, and we promise to provide the more detailed technical description we think it deserves very soon.

In the meantime, here are the basics that make us different.

Want us to move your website for you?

Website migration, now here is a vast subject that often causes webmasters to hesitate when thinking about changing web hosts. If you don't have the experience or time necessary for such a change, migrating a website from one provider to another can quickly turn into a nightmare...

This is why we are looking to put into place such a service at a manual migration of your website from your current host to that is handled by an experienced team that specializes in just that.

The idea is for us to start by evaluating the demand and the extra workload for this type of service, as well as customer feedback and satisfaction.

The limitations will be: no bank payment module, database other than the one used by the CMS, one domain and subdomain, and up to 25 POP or IMAP email addresses.

If your website does not meet these criteria, don't worry: you can still contact us at this address and give us a description of your service (websites, servers, complex architecture...) so that we can provide you with a personalized price quote.

We are going to begin with a test and evaluation phase, that is exclusively designed for websites that will be moved to Gandi Simple Hosting instances (PaaS) and will only be for websites written in HTML and the following popular CMS and blog platforms

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Typo3
  • DotClear
  • iWeb

This service will be offered for $65 (€50, or £45) excl. VAT, and will be carried out by one of Gandi's partners, "Web site migration service".

If you are interested by this service then send us a mail at with:

  • the URL of your website
  • the name of the current provider as well as the offer you are currently using
  • the type of website (HTML, CMS, or other)
  • the version of CMS used
  • the number of email mailboxes to migrate
  • all the information that you feel is necessary for us to see whether or not it will be possible for us to move your website to our infrastructure.

Then, when all is ready, you will need to provide our partner with the following information:

1) Source data (your former web host):

  • provider name, pack, login access
  • domain name, login access (if not at Gandi)
  • type of website, name, CMS, version, and additional modules
  • FTP, SFTP, and/or SSH login codes
  • MySQL/phpMyAdmin login codes
  • for email mailboxes: list of accounts, aliases, user names and passwords

2) Target data (Gandi Simple Hosting):

  • SFTP and MySql login codes for you instance

This of course implies that you have a Gandi Simple Hosting instance available.

Once your request has been validated by our service, we will provide you with an invoice for it at the price quoted above (in the event of a standard migration), and the migration will start as soon as we have received payment. If your request does not fall within the standard package, our partner will provide you with a migration price quote.

Once the migration has been completed at a test URL (your website will continue to remain live at the original address), you will be asked to definitively validate the migration. Once done, the domain name will switch to the website's new installation.

Warning: the offer is only for website migration, and is in no way a service for the management, optimization, or version upgrade etc. of you website.

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