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July 2014 Newsletter: Gandi in Asia, Simple Hosting freebies and refreshing summer promos!


  1. Gandi Worldwide
  2. CommunityOps
  3. July new gTLD release schedule
  4. Simple Hosting keeps getting better: get a free month!
  5. Promo Roundup

It's July, and as part of our war on sunburns, we feel it's our duty to give you some reasons to spend some time indoors. Remember that the soft glow of your computer monitor won't cause any forms of cancer we're aware of, whereas the sun is totally trying to kill you. A little climate control never hurt anybody! Statistically, you're 78% less likely to be eaten by a carcajou if you stay inside, preferably near a device that would allow you to register domain names (should you be so inclined). And that's a fact[1]. We commissioned a study[2].

Furthermore, the internet is indoors, which allows you to enjoy things such as the World Cup without going to all the pesky trouble of putting on pants. While you're there, why don't you get yourself something nice – you deserve it. You're a wonderful person.

While you're at it, check out .CHRISTMAS and .BLACKFRIDAY in... July?

1. Gandi Worldwide

Gandi is international, as you know, but in addition to our Parisian, Luxembourger and American premises, we're pleased to announce the opening of a new Gandi office in Taipei! By expanding to a third continent, we'll be able to have support for more languages, time zones, and cultures. For more info on our new office in Taiwan, see our blog post.

On a related note, we were getting a little cramped in our San Francisco office, so we've upgraded to a much bigger space just a block away in the heart of SOMA:

The Running Start

The Running Start

To celebrate these geographic enhancements, we're offering promotions on .EU, .US and .ASIA domains!

2. CommunityOps

As you know, Gandi doesn't advertise, but we do try to have a presence at interesting conferences. Be sure to look for us in Portland later this month at OSCON; we have a shirt with your name on it. (Well, so to speak. It actually has our name on it. You could, however, write your name on it, and then it would have both of our names on it. The point is, we have shirts, upon which you can write whatever suits your fancy.)
If there's a conference you think we should be at, let us know!

In related news, we have plenty of extra space in our new San Francisco office. While we're relishing the impromptu stickfighting sessions, we intend to put it to even better use by hosting meetups and incubating interesting projects. With projects like VLC and flourishing as they have from our Paris office, we can only imagine what will happen when we open our dedicated coding spaces to the wayfaring minds of the Bay area (though we're inclined to predict mirth, witty banter and nerf-related hijinks. Also beer.).

In more serious news, we continue to push for the things that matter. In the US, our government needs help (to put it nicely) reforming privacy laws, net neutrality, and oh so much more. Gandi is actively participating in multi-stakeholder meetings with other hosting providers, broadband providers, and industry groups to make the internet a better place.
We will ask for your help from time to time in keeping the internet open, free, and safe of all of us.

3. July new gTLD release schedule

Between .pub, .beer, .bar, and .university, this month's batch of new gTLDs is making us rather thirsty. And who could turn down a tall, refreshing glass of .christmas? (Hey, they can't all be thematic.)
July's provisional calendar follows; as usual, there may be some changes and additions throughout the month, so keep an eye on our news feed for updates. And more witty[3] banter.

Tuesday 8 July:
  .blackfriday (GoLive)
  .christmas (GoLive)
  .church (Sunrise)
  .guide (Sunrise)
  .life (Sunrise)
  .loans (Sunrise)
Wednesday 9 July July:
  .services (GoLive)
  .pub (GoLive)
Thursday 10 July:
  .beer (Sunrise)
  .luxe (Sunrise)
Friday 11 July:
  .bio (Landrush)
Sunday 13 July:
  .capital (3-day Landrush)
  .engineering (3-day Landrush)
  .exchange (3-day Landrush)
  .gripe (3-day Landrush)
Monday 14 July:
  .bar (GoLive)
  .rest (GoLive)
  .hamburg (Sunrise)
Tuesday 15 July:
  .wien (GoLive)
  .scot (Sunrise)
  .direct (Sunrise)
  .place (Sunrise)
Wednesday 16 July:
  .capital (GoLive)
  .engineering (GoLive)
  .exchange (GoLive)
  .gripe (GoLive)
Thursday 17 July:
  .moda (GoLive)
  .saarland (Sunrise)
Sunday 20 July:
  .lease (3-day Landrush)
  .media (3-day Landrush)
  .pictures (3-day Landrush)
Monday 21 July:
  .hiv (Sunrise)
Tuesday 22 July:
  .moe (GoLive)
  .tokyo (GoLive)
  .voting (GoLive)
  .black (Sunrise)
  .deals (Sunrise)
  .meet (Sunrise)
Wednesday 23 July:
  .associates (GoLive)
  .lease (GoLive)
  .media (GoLive)
  .pictures (GoLive)
Sunday 27 July:
  .reisen (3-day Landrush)
  .town (3-day Landrush)
  .toys (3-day Landrush)
  .university (3-day Landrush)
Tuesday 29 July:
  .city (Sunrise)
Wednesday 30 July:
  .reisen (GoLive)
  .town (GoLive)
  .toys (GoLive)
  .university (GoLive)

4. Simple Hosting keeps getting better: get a free month!

In June, we announced the beta release of a Ruby instance on our Simple Hosting platform:

But currently, PHP represents 90% of existing Simple Hosting instances. So this month, we're offering a promotion to let you get a taste of the power of our Python, node.js and Ruby instances.
Just choose one of these languages when creating a size S Simple Hosting instance on a monthly basis, along with your choice of database, and enter the code JULY in the promo code field on the following screen to get a full month of Simple Hosting for free!

5. Promo roundup

- .CAT is 50% off through July
- .ME is 50% off through September
- .BUZZ is $5 off
- .IN is 50% off ($7.75) through July
- .MOBI is 75% off ($4.50) through August

...And that's a wrap! As usual, don't hesitate to share your feedback, suggestions, hopes and dreams with us at or on Twitter; we're @gandibar.

The Gandi team

[1] For some definition of "fact."
[2] Also for some definition of "study."
[3] We're being told we can only use this joke in three places, so we'll just go ahead and save this one for later.

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