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Recruitment: ON!

And yes, these positions were anticipated; it is just more difficult to train new employees during a rush period :)

For the Customer Care position, we are looking for:

  • someone who is not afraid of human contact,
  • a positive attitude under any circumstance,
  • a person who is capable of dealing with heavy cyclic workloads (we are right in the middle of one now ^^),
  • someone with at least a general understanding of computers (basically, just knowing how to use one),
  • written and spoken English and Spanish (OK, if you only know English, we will consider your application all the same).
  • the rest we will teach you.

For the post of Developer, we are looking for an autonomous person who can nonetheless work in a team (this exists...really!):

  • A Jedi Master of Perl,
  • Experience with the internet,
  • Ability to interact with other human beings,
  • Able to successfully manage a large workload,
We are a small team compared to our competitors, though we are highly motivated and concerned by the future of our company and its unique work environment. We know what we have to do, and we do it.

If our project strikes a cord with you, and you want to contribute, please let us know at: emploi (at) gandi (dot) net.