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What's up? - week 02

A year that takes off for my "What's up" entries with brand new acts - it's touching :)
Due to the number of changes that will be rapidly announced, entry after entry, the conclusion of long hard months of gruelling development heated by coal furnaces and illuminated by torches...What? I am told that I am getting carried away. Ok, but the work has been intense and the team, right on the front line of the battlefield, is very pleased to present to you, along with its season's greetings, the result of its work.

We will therefore, while awaiting for next week, for the entry of "Homemade DNS". A project that has been greatly anticipated by many of you, that will allow you even greater flexibility with regards to the management of your domain name, and this, via a really simple interface. A post by Romuald, in charge of the project, is available here.
For my part, I invite you to look forward to my next "What's up", which will be just as revolutionary as this one! :)