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Gandi fights back against domain abuse!

The usual way of preventing spam from getting into your mailbox is through mail filters and anti-spam software, but everyone knows that this only puts a band-aid over the wound. As a registrar, however, we are in a privileged position to take more active measures against spammers, identity thefts, and other fraudulent online activities when the domain is registered with us, by actually suspending the abusive domain!

We're not trigger happy...each case is very carefully examined and well documented before any action is taken, so unless you are a spammer, fear not!

There are three main conditions that determine whether or not we take action against a domain:

1. If the whois data is not fully accurate and verifiable.
A major element of our ICANN accreditation is our obligation to provide the appropriate registries with correct and up-to-date information concerning a domain's contacts and owner. Our General Sales Conditions underlines this in section 3 and 16, where our customers agree to provide reliable information as a prerequisite to using our services.

2. If the customer uses our services for illegal, fraudulent, or prejudicial activity
Domains registered with Gandi must be used in accordance with the rights of third parties (copyrights, intellectual property rights, personality rights, etc.), and current applicable laws and regulations.

For example, Gandi does not tolerate activity that is morally objectionable or that poses a threat to public order, that spreads Computer Contaminants (Viruses, Trojans, etc.), and/or that engages in fraudulent activity such as Identity Theft.

3. Evidence of spamming activity
We are very attentive to complaints involving unsolicited bulk email that originated from one of our domains, and take quick action if the UBE complaint is justified...

Why the increased vigilance? Gandi now manages over half a million domains around the world, and continues to growing at a wonderful rate (thanks to you)! With this strength comes an ever greater responsibility to the global community to ensure that everyone's personal rights are respected, and that human dignity is upheld.

By taking an clear and decisive anti-spam position, we help uphold your rights, while setting a good example.

Imagine a spam-free world!... :)