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CNET: Gandi protects your domain!

Spot the difference!

In this game of "spot the difference", it is clear that host "X" was lucky to have their domain with Gandi! Rather than just pull the plug on the domain, Gandi took the time to visit the website, attempt to contact the company, verify the whois information, and finally, contact the webmaster.

The company, and their customers, whose website was fortunately registered through Gandi never even knew there was a problem. We were able to work with the webmaster of the site to remove the illicit content with discretion, which also helped the company increase their online security.

This discretion and respect of the people behind domains is what has led CNET to name Gandi as one of the two registrars that "...offer(s) the most extensive guarantees against unnecessary domain name suspension." :)

(Read the full CNET article here: Survey: Are domain registrars free-speech friendly?)

Victim vs. Victim

It is a real challenge to balance complaints of domain abuse (spam, phishing, etc.) with the rights of domain name owners, but Gandi steps up to the challenge with confidence. With a minimum amount of effort it is easy to see if a domain is in line with ICANN regulations (eg. correct whois data) and our sales contracts. But of course, when we do something, it is not with just a minimum amount of effort!

We go out of our way to prevent the domain name owner from being a victim as well. This is assured not only by carefully examining each complaint on a case-by-case basis, but also by discussing the problem with the people behind the domain (if they can be contacted via the whois data) and to thus to resolve the problem discretely and with respect. :)