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GandiMobile and the desert crossing...

It's a 6000 km ralley from Paris to Marrakech, composed only of Renault 4L vehicules. The purpose of this rally is to transport school supplies to moroccan children. What really makes this rally unique is its adventurous side: travelling 6000 km over road, track, mountain, desert and rock on what may have been an old beater fixed up by students (who until that very moment didn't even know what a crankshaft was!) And all this to help under priveledged children. If this isn't a symbol of good will, then I don't know what is!

So obviously when Cyril and Mathieu, two young EFREI students, came to ask us for sponsorship, we were delighted to participate. Gandi, then became the sole sponsor of Crew 482 participating in the 4L Rally Trophy. And as a way of showing their appreciation, they transformed the famous yellow 4L into a superbe GandiMobile of which we are extremely proud. :)

So, alas, our young friends joined in the mass of 4L's (almost 1000 Crews!) on the 14th of February departing from "La Défense."

We see them here today on their return in our treasured GandiMobile after having experienced and overcome many trials, but also having enjoyed moroccan hospitality and the beauty of Marrakech.

On behalf of the children they have helped, we wish to thank them and also cheer them on for the completion of those last kilometers.

Adventure, mutual aid, solidarity: a perfect description of Jean-Jacques Rey, president of Rally 4L Trophy.

It is possible that someday you may catch a glimpse of the GandiMobile in Paris or its surroundings as we plan to keep it as our mascot. We think it will come in handy in getting our Administrative team to the Data Center. (when needing to install additional mail servers, for example!) Wow, what an easy way for me to bring up that we have been working very hard on our upcoming Mail service. It is now almost ready to go! We expect it to be up and running in a month or so.