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Missing Gandi Customer Care Replies

This being said, all of us are very concerned with a growing number of comments that we are seeing right here in the blog, or in the new GandiGroups, or even elsewhere on the web: that some of you are not getting answers to questions that you have sent to us. As we are at a response time of 8 hours at the time of this post, learning that even one of you has not received a reply is of obvious concern.

As it turns out (and I have verified this with my own personal accounts, and by asking some of you - thanks for your input!), some popular e-mail services interpret our mail as spam, and so while we are indeed replying to you, you are quite simply not being given our message!

This is particularly true with MSN, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts (and to a lesser extent Neuf and Yahoo), which are beginning to systematically send e-mail from Gandi (customer care replies, renew reminders, confirmation letters, password reminders) to your spam folder, or withhold them altogether. Additionally, in cases such as Hotmail and Gmail, those services then automatically delete mail in the spam folder after a couple of days!

This is true to a lesser extent for other mail servers as well.

To prevent this from happening, you can sometimes find a setting in your e-mail preferences that will allow you to flag e-mail from as being "always accepted".

In any event, if you have not received a reply from our support staff within 24 hours, please look in your e-mail spam folder (via your online interface if possible) to see if there is a present in there for you. Otherwise, please feel free to send us another request, though include a telephone number in your mail where we can contact you, and/or an alternative e-mail address that we can reply to.

Unfortunately, Gandi cannot "force" e-mail providers to accept our mail, and so it may be necessary to change your handle's e-mail address to ensure proper communication between us.

Thank you for being such a wonderful online community, and we look forward to hearing from you as always!


The Gandi Customer Care Team