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Gandi support wants you!

Our customer care department currently is running with a crew of 8 dedicated staff members, many of whom you have come to know via your support tickets and in the various groups, blogs etc...

We want to bring this number up to 10, and thus allow us to really expand out support service and thus become even more flexible and creative in the ways that we can help our customers.

Each Customer Care Representative helps resolve issues that members of the Gandi community bring to our attention, which - if you love the internet, and like personal interaction - is really quite interesting! :)

In addition to solving customer problems, members of our service become specialized in certain areas that interest them (legal, anti-spam, key clients, etc.). This gives each representative the possibility for personal growth in addition to the satisfaction of contributing to the smooth running of the web and our customers' internet presence.

We are therefore looking for someone that:
  • is honest and friendly,
  • enjoys helping others and seeing a job well done,
  • has a positive attitude under any circumstance,
  • is capable of dealing with heavy cyclic workloads

For our bilingual position, we are seeking someone that speaks and writes English perfectly. Ideally this person's mother tongue is English. We will offer on the job training on technical matters, though internet experience is a plus.

Our technical position is more particular. While this person must also read and write English well, the main thing we are seeking is experience in domain names and BIND syntax. This candidate should already be familiar with reading domain zones and have experience with MySQL and should be able to jump right into helping customers resolve complex DNS issues.

There are new desks here in our department office that are just waiting to be filled by you!

If you are interested in joining Gandi, please send us your resume and a letter of motivation (in English and in French) to: emploi(at)