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Many of our American customers have been anxiously waiting for the day when they could see how much they are actually spending at (sure, multiplying by 1.3-something-or-other could get you there, but how annoying is that...) ;)

Well...those days are over! In line with our perpetual drive to provide you with new services, as of this afternoon you can now pay for your operations at Gandi in US Dollars! :)

Not only that, but in recognition of the wonderful support that we have been receiving from our American customers (they make up the second-largest country in terms of sales, and the American media such as,, or like to comment on our integrity, customer-friendliness, and technical know-how...), we are now selling .US domains!

We really can't say it enough, so we'll say it again...thank you, all of you! It really warms our hearts to feel your support from across the Atlantic Ocean!