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(1/6) Launching of Gandi Hosting

  • Why in Beta?? Honestly, we have been behind schedule in recent months on the development of this service. This is simply because the existing products take precedence over a totally new one, however enthusiastic we may be about it. We have been in an internal testing phase for several weeks now, and reset the majority of variables to zero each morning to test different possible configurations, and there are many!

By the end of the year, we should be able to open a Beta version that is clean and ready to go (with a price that is worthy of the Christmas spirit), which will only require being tested on the new network.
  • Why revolutionary?? The word is a perhaps a bit pompous, put it is nonetheless one that fits the best. This hosting offer will not be like any other one that is on the market. We wanted to create an offer that stays true to our core values, one that we would be proud to have among our services - with a Gandi spirit inside. We have done this by putting You, as usual, at the center of the project. Doing this has assured that Gandi Hosting will be perfectly adapted to real every-day use, both immediately and in the future.

I will soon go in more detail here on how our offer of hosting in "shares" works. A bit like an Advent calendar, we will be opening more and more of our new offer as we approach the launching, in order to prepare you for what you have been waiting so long to see.

In the meantime, if any of you feel like being a tester, please let us know at the address @ There will certainly not be enough place for all of the willing volunteers, but we will be pleased to have some of you on our test machines.