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(2/6) Our hosting will be flexible

There are so many of you, and you all have radically different needs from each other. Would that mean that we would need to have just as many different hosting plans? We are definitely not going to provide a simple shared hosting plan: it is our job to adapt to your needs, and not to force you to you to choose a plan from a category that only more or less fits your needs. Our service will be flexible!

We also re-examined the question of obligation. We, the consumer, are now accustomed to the tradition of signing a contract for a set time period, that to use a given product, you must sign a contact for X months. This tradition applies to nearly all the hosting services we have seen. It is also against the very nature of the very flexibility that we want to give to you.

As a user, for example, one might like to rent a server for 3 months (to launch a website, a brand, etc.), or even, why not... a day, in order to work by remote connection with a team located in Ireland. And even, hey! let's be crazy: 3 hours, tonight, to play a round of Quake with some friends who live far away!

Also, why we are being flexible on duration, we might also be flexible on the capacity: Would you like to assure the good performance of your machine during the launching of a product, and then reduce its power once the initial surge has dropped off? Why should this not be possible? This works in the other way as well of course, and to an extent that you might not even have dreamed of :)

All of this, and without a set contractual period, holy cow!

I'll sum up all this up for you: You choose what you want, how long you want it for, you pay, and you get it :)