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Here's what we're up to at Gandi

It is time for us to tell you all where we are in our development concerning all our products and services that are currently at your disposal.

Gandi Hosting

  • The installation of machines is complete and we can now manage the sustained growth in the number of servers created per day (which explains why sometimes operations may have seemed slow),
  • We are continuing to stabilize the platform, and our technical teams are fixing all the bugs that you have shown us on the wiki and in the Gandi forums. The main problem remains in attaching disks to the servers. This will be resolved by the end of the week.
  • The stabilization of Gandi AI is also going well. The 'wishlist' is filling up (too quickly) and we are going to begin working on new packages soon.
  • The new version of our forums is ready to be installed, the migration will occur before the end of the month.
  • Following various discussions, both here in the bar and in the forums, the specifications of the final product and the rates have been refined. The price for one share will be 10 euros per month and the bandwidth allocated per machine will be increased to supply up to 5Mbits per share instead of the current 1.56Mbits
All of these points mean that the end of the Beta phase and the beginning of the final version will occur next month. Of course, we will alert our Beta testers well in advance, as soon as the date will be set, and in order to allow them to renew their hosting account at the lower rate (and to thank them for their confidence and help).

Gandi Domain Names

  • The rate of new accreditations has increased, and we will soon be able to provide a large number of new TLDs in the first trimester of 2008.
  • The .IT (Italy) ccTLD will be open to all residents of the European Union and will be the next one that we will be offering in the coming weeks.
  • We are already accredited for .ASIA domains, and will be participating in the 'Landrush' phase beginning on February 20th. We will be discussing the registration conditions for those domains in an upcoming blog entry, though we believe that this ccTLD will be in demand.
  • A brand new service for managing your domain names will be launched at Gandi this year.

Gandi Mail

  • The Webmail will be updated in the coming weeks. This will include the correction of the bugs and problems that you have brought to our attention, as well as the addition of new services.
  • The load on the platform has been greater than anticipated and we are soon going to strengthen our infrastructure to increase performance.

Gandi Reseller

  • An interface for managing your contacts is being developed. It will allow you to more efficiently manage your customers.
  • The API for managing hosting are also being prepared. We hope to be able to make them available in a few weeks.

Gandi Iwi

  • The Gandi Groups forums will be updated to version 2.0 next week, with an improved interface.
  • The guides and Screencasts on all sorts of things and tricks for managing and using your server is progressing nicely. Elliott, who has recently joined us, dedicates 100% of his time to these. If you would like a guide on a particular topic, please feel free to request it here.


  • The priority for the upcoming weeks is to improve the performance of the platform. This will happen, among others, by a change in the database server and a better handling of spam.
  • New themes created by Steven.
  • A new theme that you can easily customize (without having to know CSS).
  • Once in place, we will surely see about a more significant update of the blog as it currently exists, in order to provide you with a simpler and more flexible tool.