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The auction-based system that .ASIA is using goes against what we stand for. The different points below will help explain our opinion on why this is the case:

  • There is no guarantee that our client will be able to acquire his/her domain name,
  • An auction-based system opens the door to a rapid increase in price,
  • An obligatory payment of a domain name, though without the guarantee that it will not enter into a contest for the highest bidder,
  • Auction prices with a starting price of $0: if several persons would like to purchase the same domain name: an incentive for cybersquatting, against which Gandi does not want its customers to be confronted,
  • An auction that is only held in English,
  •, the unique partner of .ASIA already mentioned in the press for its massive purchases during Landrush 2 of .EU domains in 2006 troubles us,
  • Gandi does not want to advertise for speculators,
  • Quite simply, Gandi does not want to engage in a process that has a high risk of deceiving its customers.

On the otherhand, Gandi will be present during the LandRush 2 in March 2008 and is currently working on the possibility of offering .ASIA domain names for EVERYONE, whether or not you have a local presence. We are working on the final details so that this will be possible in a way that is just, durable, and...without an auction!