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Gandi and the .CN

To manage or not to manage this ccTLD?

In this time of consternation of the attitude of the Chinese leaders notably with regards to individual freedom, we have also been faced with a decision concerning this ccTLD: do we support it or boycott it...


Let's say that we are not Olympic athletes (even though some of us do remarkable things^^), and that this is not the only way to support Tibet.

To truly understand, it is necessary to refer to the special conditions imposed upon this ccTLD by the Chinese government, which are (for the least)...particular. I'd like to bring your attention to the first articles, accompanied by a magnificent description.

I will let you reach your own conclusions and express them (democracy, even flouted every day, gives us at least this possibility), though I will nonetheless explain why we have finally decided to manage this ccTLD:
  • many of our customers have been requesting it,
  • we believe that we must be open and try to act 'from the inside',
  • we cannot ignore such an ancient and large country
For us, it is important to remain aware of the situation, because it is this conscience and our capacity to not reject them, but rather, to show them the right path, which is what will make the difference. Yes, I know, we are Utopians. But we love it.

For more information on this ccTLD, visit the .cn description page.