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Gandi Hosting is now on beta testing by invitation

Though our hosting service has been in the beta testing phase since the beginning of the year, this has not kept it from being a huge success: we currently count 7,000 servers that have been created by our customers!

This phase of our beta testing period helped us identify problems that arise during the use of several thousand servers on our architecture, something that could not be done in a test environment.

We would like to thank all of you that have given us your trust and who contributed to this important validation of technology that has been clearly identified by all (customers, experts, sector specialists) as being the future of web hosting for the "general public", private individuals, and companies alike.

We now have a sufficient number of customers that are experimenting with the service, so that we can finalize our service. Now it is time for us to proceed with the last batch of tests and developments so that we can do some fine tuning before the final release.

This is therefore a new step for Gandi Hosting.

The objective of a Beta version is to identify the most significant problems and to fix them while at the same time maintaining operational goals (excellent level of service and product performance, while remaining profitable).

The next step, which is right before the final release, will allow our engineers to concentrate on a phase of stabilization and optimization, without having to juggle the frequent maintenance operations which is the normal consequence of having several thousand customers, even in beta testing. Because, as you know, we believe so much at Gandi in going a good job that we make it a point of honor to not hide behind this reality, which is beta testing.

This is therefore the reason why we have put on hold the creation of new hosting accounts automatically. They can be created by invitation only until tomorrow.

As a note to reassure our existing customers: we are not going to delete any account, nor cut any existing service, we are just going to concentrate our efforts on creating an irreproachable service that will be ready in its final version in the Fall.

For those of you that would like to know the details: we are currently working on improving overall performance, stability, disk access redundancy, network stability, and improvements to the Gandi interface. Current performance is good, but can be better, and so we will be focused on that this summer.

It will be hot this summer, and it will be beautiful - but fall will be even more so :D

P.S. We will give out invitations depending on the nature of the requests sent to the usual e-mail address of Gandi management. Please note that they are very limited in number.