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What's up, week 30

So here is the list of functions that have been added during the last few weeks:

New TLDs ...
After the .CN (China), .TW (Taïwan) and .CZ (Czech Republic) in June, this month we have added the .PL (Poland), .LU (Luxembourg) and we have participated in the launch of the .ME (Montenegro) and of the .PRO early this week. There will probably be fewer releases of new TLDs during the month of August. The next ones to come are the .IN (India), .IM (Isle of Man) and of course the highly anticipated .ES.
Another good thing : starting today, we are lowering the price of .CH/.LI domain names.

Increased protection of your personal information
We now offer you the ability to completely hide your address and all other personal information for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME, .TV and .CC TLDs from the whois database. We remind you that if you are an individual, you just need to access your personal information management interface to activate this protection for free.
To see how this will affect your Whois records, you can check the product page :

Gandi Hosting
Our System, Network and RandD teams are busy putting in place the new storage (disk) structure for Gandi Hosting. We will tell you more soon, but can already say that the new improved performance will not be disappointing.

-Gandi AI V1.0: Our server auto-install system has finally been upgraded to the V1.0 version. This version will help us release the numerous modules coming from the wishlist. A V1.1 version is scheduled for August with the release of the Subversion, Dotclear, Drupal, Teamspeak modules as well as some others.

-Choice of the file system: You now have the ability to chose the format of the filesystem during the creation of a new data disk.

-5Mbits per share: We have raised the limit of the authorized outgoing bandwidth to 5Mbits per share. For those of you who are not clear about the implications, this allows you to transfer about 649kb each second, i.e more than 1.5Tb per month.

-Ongoing works: Quite a few technical projects are currently in development. With no particular order : the ability to change the size of a data disk, the ability to duplicate a server or a disk, the ability to start your server from an image, the ability to create backups, the ability to get stats on the load of your server,...

Gandi Mail
Even though we no longer have any performance issues since our last update to the Gandi Mail platform last May, we are working on the next stage in its development : offering a superior level of service and adding new functions for 2008 (last quarter).

Gandi Blog
Big updates have been made to reinforce the stability and the performance of the Gandi Blog platform. For instance, the performance improvement of last Thursday (thank you was done without any noticeable issues. The new functions will be available with the release of Dotclear V2.0, which, according to a reliable source who had a cup of coffee with Olivier, should come out early August (yes, this August).

The goal is to achieve the maximum level of quality possible on all of our individual services. Speaking about quality of service, a new form is now available for you to give your feedback and comments on our service and product quality. We hope that this feedback channel will allow us to keep getting a healthy pressure from you, our customers, to help us maintain our standards.