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Gandi has arrived in the UK!

Your website

Well the UK English version is now tailored to you. That means UK prices (in pounds), UK specific text (where we feel there is a need for a difference) and UK specific content, e.g. news or offers. For example, when blog articles are published by the UK team they will appear at the top of the news section within the UK English version. Prices and offers on the homepage will always be in GBP and specific to the UK audience.

Your domain

To kick things off we've lowered the price of the and domain names to £3 (ex VAT) per year. Remember with every Gandi domain you get full DNS control, a free blog, 5 email mailboxes with infinite aliases (1 GB storage), full customer support, and privacy protection. While you will find cheaper .uk domains on the market, you won't find one that includes all this. It's also part of our philosophy to sell domains at a reasonable price (not as loss leaders), so that you know we're not just trying to lure you in to sell you something else. We also believe, unlike some providers that you should have unrestricted access to managing your domain as it is more than just a name but your online presence. But more about our philosophy another time.

Your team

You now have a dedicated UK team based in London working to support our UK Gandi customers and promote our ethical domain and cutting edge hosting services to new faces far and wide. We are keen to get your feedback on what you like about Gandi and what you think we could do better. And how you came to us in the first place? While support will continue to be offered from our multilingual team in Paris, the UK team will ensure that you get the level of service you require and that we are on top of UK specific issues.

Your projects

We've launched our popular Gandi supports policy in the UK with the new citizen journalism site (more about them another time). Gandi supports has the goal of helping businesses that share our vision for the internet to get started online. We want to put our money where our mouth is and help others achieve the same goals. Please contact us (direction at if you think you’d be a good UK candidate for Gandi supports project, but make sure you read our pages first to see the kinds of business we support.

And don't worry if you're not from the UK, the reality is that with additional English language team members we'll be able to extend our love far and wide to our English speaking cousins.

We look forward to working with you all!

UK Team