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Domain name services are not all equal

Not all domain offers are what they seem. Different domain name providers allow you to do different things with your domain. Some have service restrictions and sneaky pricing. It's not just the restrictions on the domain that can be limiting, it's the little surprises you might find out after you've paid. Sometimes you only find out about a bad deal once you've been caught by it, but we've put together a list of a few things to watch out for in the tricky domain market.

1. Sneaky pricing - Different pricing for register (buy now £0.99 per year!) and renewal (oops it costs more next year) - Different pricing for transfers out (oh, you want to leave, that'll be £xx) - The cost of a at the registry is £2.50 per year. Companies selling below this have an ulterior motive!

2. Service restrictions - Can't get full DNS control - pay more for additional services

3. Front running/'sniffing' - Using your domain search data to buy domains before you do, or selling your domain search data. More references.

4. Account lockins - Locking your account for a period following changes, prevents transfer outs. More by Slashdot.

5. Domain ownership - Not the owner of your domain, some companies buy it on your behalf and then rent it to you.

6. Privacy - Selling your whois data/customer data

Gandi offers full DNS control, no sneaky pricing, no front running and no account lock ins. Our prices are fair, but profitable, so we have no incentive to constantly upsell things you don't need and bombard you with marketing messages. As one of our customers Miconian writes, ‘I used to see gandi as a discount registrar, but I now see them as offering a premium service: the implicit agreement to leave me the hell alone and let me register my domains in peace.’ We make sure you own your domain, this was one of the early reasons for Gandi's success. We do not sell your data and offer protection from whois spam and the ability to hide personal details.

We talk about domain ethics but do we follow through? We think so but what do you think?

Gandi UK Team

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