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What's up, week 44

We are pleased to announce that the hosting API XML is ready, and freely available for resellers, or for other account types upon invitation (yes, we really like invitations). We are keeping things limited at the start so that we can analyze the behavior of the API, as well as to be sure that we have thought of everything, mainly any possible abuse of the system. You will also notice that certain options are missing for now (including GandiFlex, Gandi AI, etc.). This will be implemented shortly. You may find all the necessary documentation here!

Continuing along the lines of hosting innovation, we now give you the possibility of starting from a disk image! You will therefore be able to create your disk image, and then create servers from that image :)

Here is how it works:
  1. start by creating a data disk of a maximum of 3GB (a temporary limitation),
  2. attach the disk to an existing server,
  3. make an image of the system disk that you want to copy via the UNIX command, "dd" or upload your own image to the disk,
  4. once the image is ready, you will remove the disk from your server
  5. change the type of the disk to the "Image" mode from the disk's description page,
  6. go to create a new server. You will now be offered the possibility of using the disk image you have made!
We are currently working on Gandi disk images (game servers for example) that we will soon offer as well as a capacity of more than 3GB for the system disk.

And since we are talking about the size of the disk, we have been receiving many emails from you requesting the option of increasing the size of your disk. We have listened to you and are pleased to confirm that this option, a "resizeFS upwards" will be in production in a couple of weeks. The "resizeFS downwards" will take some more time to complete, but we are working on it.

Otherwise, we are also preparing a new distribution between Gandi AI and Gandi MI (the expert server). This will be a version of Ubuntu with a management panel that will let you manage your server even if you are uncomfortable with using the SSH terminal.

Concerning the migration of SATAs to SAS, we about one third of the way to completing the task, which is currently underway.

With regards to payment, we now accept payment via PayPal (in Euros only), as well as "virements administratifs" for French public administrations.

We have also updated our hosting payment system, which some customers were unpleased with. Indeed, if you choosed to pay by check or bank transfer, our system was waiting for the reception of the payment before completing the order - even if you had credit on your prepaid account. We did this to avoid taking, for example, money that was destined to the renewal of a domain name. We now give you the possibility - from your orders in progress page - of forcing the debit from your prepaid account.

From the domain name side of things, we are currently in the testing phase of .ES (Spain) domains, which should become available next week. .CAT and .IM ccTLDs will follow shortly thereafter.

For GandiMail, we have updated the platform which greatly reduced the load on our servers, despite an initial slowing of the platform during the first hour of the maintenance. We therefore have a much more stable platform that will deliver mails on time. Our team also corrected many problems with the antispam system that has increased its performance, and even too much in some cases. We are therefore working on a faster, but even more precise solution. We are happy to finally be able to say that the "quota bug" is dead!

Finally, GandiBlog has been upgraded to version 2.02, as you may have read in our info blog, where we also mention that the cache system has been improved along with the import/export function.