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Who is Dabest?

You have certainly noticed that we now have a website creation tool that is available for everyone to use. If this is not the case, I recommend that you have a look at my previous post :)

In its free version, this graphic-based tool provides you with two pages that you can use, for example, to present your domain name while simultaneously trying out our new service.

Today, we are giving you the possibility of creating this page via Gandi SiteMaker. One page is all you need: it is up to you to make it moving, silly, descriptive, scary… anything that you want, as long as it sends a positive message :)

Once you are satisfied with the result, just send us a quick mail to We will then select the 5 best works (that we will judge internally), and will reward them with a free Pro Pack for one year.

Beyond simply celebrating the launching of this product, we would like to have your help in adding more color to the web. What is more drab that a page that simply says that there is no website configured for your domain?

Rules? As few as possible. Common sense is the golden rule, of course. What we call common sense is that there are no images, videos, sounds, texts, etc that are shocking, pornographic, racist, that sort of thing… There is of course a sales contract that goes into those things in more detail, but if you follow your own common sense, that’s even better.

Happy clicking! I’ll check back with you on this at the end of January 2009!

Current contesters :

The contest has ended!
The winning websites can be seen here.
Thank you all for your participation, and for the quality of your entries!