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You will love 2009

The deterioration of the world's economy does not lend one to immediately think that 2009 will be a very good year...far from it! But amid this ambient depression, we are not going to Give up!

Therefore, we are nonetheless going to do everything in 2009 so that you will at least get a smile on your face while using our products. Yes, even GandiMail.

2008 marked a turning point in the history of Gandi. We have all worked to bring you, among others, the release of 13 new TLD, the grand opening of our virtual dedicated hosting service, and finally, the launching of Gandi SiteMaker, a vital tool in our mission to open the web to as many people as possible. This has been quite successful, as thousands of customers are using these services, and we are quickly approaching our 800,000th active domain name managed!

To not keep anything from you, we still have one more product line in store for you, one that we have been working on for several months, and which has been in high demand for a long time for many of you, and which should be released next month (our current number 1 priority being GandiMail). We will come back to this in due time.

Overall, the product orientation for 2009 will be totally different from what we have done over the past three years (and which was necessary), as it will be entirely dedicated to improving the existing and adding new features to our services.

A GandiMail worthy of its name:

Let's begin with the service that has caused us the most difficulty over the past couple of months: e-mail. A service that is famous for being cursed (even companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars can't prevent outages, slow delivery time, and other joys), it really touched bottom at Gandi on several occasions, and once again over the past few days. This has, as I have already unfortunately had the occasion to talk about and present our excuses (which I once again offer you at this time), is unacceptable. While no email service is perfect, the number of recurrent large problems that we have had with the service is not up to our usual service standards. The fact that as of today not a single email has been lost does not reassure me.

The causes? Other than bugs and the surprising behavior of machines that were supposed to be able to handle 10 times the load actually used, as well as other platform issues, we are partly to blame for not having made the best decisions, or followed the procedures that were in place to cover such problems.

We have painfully learned our lesson, and nobody here is satisfied to see our customers suffer from our mistakes. Sorry for this, but the trauma is such that our response can only be definitive: Gandi's mail service has (once again) become our top priority at the start of this new year.

The cure will be, as we have already started in 2008, not only an improvement on the software side of things, though also via a major investment in machines, so that we will start with increasing the size of our infrastructure so that it far exceeds what we currently use, in order to prevent any loss in the quality of our service.

We will also consider the entire restructuring of our platform, as we are not leaving out any possibility on the subject, the objective being the the quality of service.

New interfaces and highly-requested features:

Our domain name management interface will be even easier as we will be re-doing certain interfaces (DNS zone management, "glue" records, the possibility of categorizing domains, etc...), and we will add more TLDs (.NL, .SE, .PT, .CAT...) in order to be able to bring you all of the European ccTLD.

The Gandi Hosting "Wishlist" will (finally!) be taken realized, with the upcoming possibility of changing disk size, adding server statistics, an Open Source administration panel, and other features that demonstrate the power and flexibility of our service. The blogs will continue to be updated with the help of the Dotclear community, and improved with the addition of plug-ins (we welcome your input on this topic).

SiteMaker, which has just been launched, will continue to be improved upon throughout the year by our London team, who will add new features - notably the rendering of HTML that meets W3C recommendations, e-commerce modules that are even more complete, and a more powerful management of your community.

2009 will therefore be your year. It will be dedicated to the realization of your wishes. Our development plan will be refined on a daily basis. As usual, however, if one of your ideas seems really interesting, we will not hesitate in making it a priority.

We listen to you:

We have always been very attentive to your needs. As a company that aims to reach everyone, we of course have customers with a wide-range of needs. This being said, we will not forget where we came from, and our roots are those of Open Source and experts that are both among us and our customers.

A project that we would firmly believe in, for example, would be to provide you with certain services and/or features that would be totally Open Source, though we need to make progress on this subject. Gandi AI would be a good example, though it remains to be seen what interest such a gesture would be to you...

Companies and the general public are the reason why we have done everything we have over the past 4 years. We would like to be able to help everyone have a healthy presence on the web, with open and powerful tools that are customized to meet your needs. By expressing these clearly, we will be able to continue to bring you satisfaction. With regards to this, we will soon be giving you a series of changes in the presentation and organization of our website, so that everyone can have a space with us.

These are not simply new year's resolutions. Contrary to those, we will achieve one after another, and this is what drives us to come to work each morning to this wonderful project which is Gandi. No more, no less.

Happy new year to all of you.
The Gandi Team