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Customer satisfaction index at Gandi

Support requests

When you contact our customer support team via the online form, your case is read by one of our support team members, who will take care to answer you as soon as possible and as an individual as opposed to a number on a ticket. When they feel that you have received the final answer to your question and that your ticket is "closed", a special footer is added as a signature to the mail e.g:

Are you satisfied with the quality of the reply you received?
I would like to give more detailed feedback:

You can send us an opinion on the quality of the reply that you were given, through a simple click. You can also follow the links to give detailed feedback that includes your comments, suggestions etc. 

We understand that you will not always get the answer you want (e.g. " did not renew your domain and so it was deleted"), however we do ask that you, as Shakespeare so eloquently put it in Henry IV, "Don't shoot the messenger", and use the feedback links as intended. There are technical and legal limits that we are required to work within, and even the 'Jedi' in Gandi's support team have limits to their powers :) If you would like to complain about a particular product or feature, we recommend using the full feedback form where you can actually leave your comments.

Good or bad, we take your voice into account. We do not exclude the extremes when we calculate the satisfaction index, in fact, it's the extremes that we are interested in. We are confident in the quality of our customer care service and we are happy to display the raw data of your feedback in real time on our Support page as testimony to this. 

On this page, we display the satisfaction index as a bar graph, on a scale from 0% to 100%, in real time, for both the current week, as well as the average over the past 3 months. This not only "keeps us honest", but it's also a way to show everyone how you feel about the quality of service you receive.

So how do we use your feedback?

All of us here at Gandi use your feedback to compare changes in customer satisfaction and look for areas of improvement:
  • for our support team, it indicates how changes in the volume or style of tickets changes your satisfaction,
  • for our product teams it helps show the impact of product issues or where improvements can be made.
  • For the management team it is a good litmus test to check all of our teams are collaborating in a way that maximizes the quality of our products, and as a direct result our key advocates: you.

When you take that extra step to provide more detailed feedback using our online form, your comments and suggestions are systematically read by senior management, who will analyze them and undertake the necessary improvements to services concerned. 

Please give us your feedback so we can better serve you.