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Around the world in 5 extensions

Our voyage starts in this vibrant and very lively Central America... Yes, .HN (Honduras) domains, like our friends in the region, could have a very fiery and passionate temperament :) Or just be normal, it's up to you ;-)

A bit farther up, we discover the lesser-known .BZ (Belize), with its sandbanks and the famous "Great Blue Hole". From there, we head East, across the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, and stop at .VC (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).

And since you are beginning to be entranced by the warm winds, and the crystal clear waters, we will continue our trip South East, across the Atlantic, around the Cape of Good Hope, and up along the coast of Madagascar to drop anchor in the .SC (Seychelles), a truly magical location...

Finally, we will head North-North East, and 7,000 kilometres further, after having passed through the coastal waters of .IN and .CN, we will leave our cruse ship and travel inland, to the very Asian and very ancient .MN (Mongolia) land of Genghis Khan.

We hope that this little journey has whetted your appetite for exoticism! Here is a list of these new extensions, which are open for registration to all, as well as a link to their information page, a bit more technical, as well as the prices that go with them :) (all rates stated excluding VAT)
  • .HN: €44 per year, under A rates
  • .BZ: €18 per year, under A rates
  • .VC: €24 per year, under A rates
  • .SC: €60 per year, under A rates
  • .MN: €32 per year, under A rates