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Gandi V3.0.0 : A new hope

A new version of the website you ask? Yes, in part, or at any rate, it's the tip of the iceberg :)

Why Gandi V3.0.0 and not just Gandi V3? This is because this first version serves as the foundation for the major upgrades that will follow, many of which will be transparent to you but nevertheless essential.

You probably already know this, but Gandi has been around for nearly 10 years now, and its IT platform is just as old. We haven't upgraded it until now because we've spent the last 4 years playing catch-up at the product level which fell behind before we took over Gandi 4 years ago. This is not a secret to anyone, but its something we've been working to correct.

This product prioritization led to a number of limitations within our infrastructure, something that we were perfectly aware of but unable to change quickly. Not only did we have our own ideas for improvements, but we had many many ideas submitted by you for how to make our services better.

So here we are, the implementation of these new features will begin with a major overhaul of our website. It is therefore with pleasure, and after many months of behind-the-scenes work, that we present to you our shiny new website. You can't miss that the general look and feel of our website has continued to evolve but stays true to Gandi's roots. A big thanks to Steven for this, Gandi's own graphic design Jedi :)

We are also shipping out some new features with version 3.0.0, notably:

  • the ability to add tags to each of your domains, so that you can sort them by family,
  • an incredibly fast multi-extension search capability,
  • a new domain and hosting purchasing system with a shopping cart that is finally dynamic.
  • an entirely new real-time news system that keeps you better informed of maintenance alerts and other important announcements. This system brings you our news in the form of an information banner which is incorporated directly into our website.

We're not going to get into the details of the upcoming additions and release dates here, as they are scheduled to roll out in phases over the first quarter of 2010 and beyond. This being said, each new version will be accompanied by a Gandibar post. The only thing that we can say for now is that, like our hosting wishlist we have also added a domain wishlist. Therefore, please feel free to give us suggestions, as we are looking forward to seeing what new services you would like us to provide.

We're don't want to miss any opportunity to hear from you, as this is part of the engine that helps drive us forward!

Welcome to Gandi V3, and let us say for now: "To be continued..."