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And now: Gandi V3.0.1

Gandi's website has just been upgraded to version 3.0.1. Once again, this version is mainly aimed at stabilizing and improving version 3.0.0 based on your feedback. We have corrected many bugs and perfected some existing features.

Some of the more notable changes are:

  • we have spent a considerable amount of time improving the speed at which your domains are displayed ( on the page. Following this release your domains will be displayed twice as fast as they were with the initial version 3.0.0 and we are working to make this even faster. The speed improvement is most noticeable for those that display their domains in pages of 100.
  • a new location of the information bubble: they are now under the links.
  • added a link so that you can access your server's configuration directly from your list of servers
  • increased the maximum disk limit per server from 2TB to 4TB (eight 500GB disks)
  • the activation of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
  • activated the SSL certificate renewal process
  • moved our wiki to match the V3 look and feel, and have started to update its content.

Version 3.0.2 will arrive in roughly two weeks. It will mainly relate to hosting, but will include a surprise too. Look out for March...