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Celebrate our 10th Birthday by accepting our gift to you of 55,000 domains

10 year Gandi

What’s that you say, Gandi is giving away domain names? Yes that’s right. We’ve never done it before and we’re not likely to do it again. But we thought the occasion of our 10th Birthday was reason enough to make this single exception and share our good fortunes with you our wonderful customers.

This is not a promotion ‘just for new guys’ that you sometimes see elsewhere. The truth behind this promotion, is that it’s there to reward our customers and it pays tribute to your support and loyalty. The longer you’ve been a customer, the more free domain promo codes you may be able to get up to a maximum of 10 for those ancient Gandi-freaks ;-) But not to exclude new customers, they will be able to sign up and grab a single promo code. But that’s not the end of it. For those of you lucky enough to get several promo codes you can either use them yourselves, or choose to give them to your friends, family, enemies (maybe not enemies), or just a nice looking stranger.

The promotion starts March 1, 2.00PM GMT. For more details on how it will work visit our dedicated ‘10 year’ website (hosted by our very on Gandi Cloud).

So what’s happened in these 10 years of ? Many things ;-), but here are a few highlights.

Almost 1 100 000 customers
More than 5 000 000 orders
Over 2 115 000 domains registered
Over 2 300 000 email addresses managed
Almost 25 000 blogs created
Almost 28 500 VPS servers on our cloud infrastructure
Almost 20 400 Site created Gandi SiteMaker
Almost 4 000 SSL certificate generated
Approx 150 000 questions to customer support

And let’s not forget

Hundreds of kilograms of coffee crushed/mixed/swallowed
Almost 100 employees, some there for 10 years and others left after just one day:)
24 children (6 just for Arti! Be careful around Arti)

And one vision – to be an ethical alternative in the murky world of domain name registrars

Thank you for helping us make this happen ;-)

========= Update

1st March - 1000 domains given away in 2m 50s

2nd March - 2000 domains given away in 40 minutes, plus one lesson learned: there's no point having a nice shiny cloud infrastructure if you don't use it properly! Our bad. A few changes to optimise the code on the site and once things were restarted, vouchers were flying off the shelves again. It should be ok now, so thanks for your patience and we'll see you tomorrow ;-)

========= Another Update ;-)

Thanks all for making this celebration such a success. For any of you that are having trouble redeeming codes, don't worry you will get them even if you need help from our support team. A couple of common things to look out for when redeeming your voucher:

  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per order. If you have multiple vouchers, you'll need to place multiple orders. Trying to redeem more than one will create a 'fail' for the second and subsequent vouchers. You'll then have to wait 2 hours before the voucher works again.
  • If your voucher doesn't work, it may be because of the first point above, or it could have been used already (if you found it on Twitter).
  • If you get a message saying your order was canceled, you should get an email from us and please follow up with support and we can put it through manually. When giving away 55k of free domains, we want to be careful not to have them used by fraudsters and spammers. We're not saying you are one, but sometimes our systems look for random checks in the giveaway, and if this affects you, you will need to contact support to process it. We are strongly about being an ethical registrar, so this why we are extra careful.
  • If you have any problems contact us at 10years [at]