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What you can expect this fall

For the past 4 months now, we have been making progress on major improvements to our domain name and hosting services.

With regards to domains, we are re-writing our (old) backend, which was written prior to 2006 for the most part, and then only written to handle gTLDs (.com, .net., .org, etc.), though has since been used to manage the 80 new extensions added since then :)

Our new system will be more comprehensive and will be able to handle operations that we currently process manually (some transfers, IPv6 glue records, etc.). Due to its flexibility, it will be easier to add new extensions as well as make it easier for us to let you know why operations may have failed at the registry (you will be able to see the registry's error message directly).

Domain creations are just about ready to be handled by the new system, after which we will be adding transfers, renewals, owner changes etc. We have taken advantage of this overhaul to improve each process as well (allowing renewals as late as possible, being able to restore domains from your account, no longer add a new handle during transfers, managing DNS zones more efficiently, etc.)

One this has been completed, we will start to implement DNSSEC.

Hosting-wise, we have reworked our API to make it public. The beta version is almost done, and we will be posting more on this soon in the Gandi Kitchen.

We are simultaneously working on new features, mainly centered on:
  • disk management, with, for example: duplication, real-time snapshots, the ability to attach/remove or boot from the disk of your choosing, better management of SWAP and resizing,
  • network management with, for example, a better handling of network interfaces and the possibility of creating a load balancer.

Finally, our American datacenter and teams will soon be operational, though ssssshhh.. this is still somewhat of a secret :)

The new version of Gandi, called version 3.0.6, which, among other things will open our Hosting API, will be released mid-September. It will be a busy fall!