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Customer Support at Gandi: Evolution and Future

This is something that we strive for every day, and which is a real challenge, since each customer has their own specific questions, needs, and demands. It is also one of the reasons why we have been investing in our staff for many years now.

A professional and experienced support team

Our support team is in-house, and it will never be outsourced to a country where we pay a lower salary to people in order to make more money.
Our staff is highly experienced, and some members have even been here for over 10 years now. We take our time during the recruitment process for new team members in order to assure the best possible fit.
We only hire those that are highly motivated and that are close to the product: they participate in both the product design phase and pre-production tests, and get constant training.
It is also these same people that handle all of our translations (English and Spanish), documentation, and that centralize your problems and suggestions.

New products, growing needs

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of service that we offer to our customers. The first one is of course the quality of our products: the better they are means that you have fewer problems and reasons to contact our support. But helping our customers use our products is currently a large part of what our support does. Also, note that we closely monitor the replies that you get from our staff, and Gandi's management follows the customer satisfaction index closely here.


We are also trying to expand our team in such a way as to assure that our agents are not overloaded. Doing this assures that they can have enough time to correctly answer your questions. Finally, we have developed software to help our precious agents in their troubleshooting, and provided them with the necessary hardware to do so efficiently...

Our VPS cloud hosting service was changed, so that we have a specific support team that is able to respond to server issues in the event of an emergency. Whereas domain name questions can often wait 6 hours for a solution, the situation is often more critical when a server stops responding. By using our contact form to indicate that a server is blocked, your support ticket will be sent to our specialized hosting team for a quick reply.

Our ultimate goal is to have top-notch support 24/7.

We are already progressively working to expand support hours by working 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), and once we have our offices up and running in the US this will help things enormously - particularly for our customers in America, who will no longer have to contend with waiting for Europe to wake up before we get your ticket ;) Our objective is clearly to be able to answer our customers as good as possible, and at any that order :)
This objective is ambitious, because it is very long in terms of training, as well as being expensive, and we are of course aware that it will not be reached this year. But rest assured - we are getting there!

What about a phone hotline?

This is something that our customers frequently ask us. We already provide telephone assistance to our resellers. Since these customers are internet professionals, it is often faster to help them by phone. Even with this limitation in place, it amounts to about fifty calls a day. It is rather clear at this time that we do not have the means in place to open the telephone support to all of our customers, while maintaining our objective of keeping a high level of quality. This being said, we have an answering machine available at +33.(0) for those of you that absolutely need to leave a voice message. Know, however, that the response time is slower than by email, and we only call our customers back (as opposed to writing to them) in the event that we feel the case would indeed be better handled by telephone.

Gandi's Wiki: Our Official Documentation

As I mentioned earlier, we are investing a lot of time in the training of our team members, and they in turn spend a lot of time training our customers :)
In case you have missed it, the Gandi Wiki is our official FAQ and documentation, which is written and maintained by members of our support and development teams. The module that we added to let customers ask questions is intended for customers to discuss the contents of the page among themselves (as opposed to for support), even if we do frequently look at them...

Gandi Groups: peer-to-peer assistance

The Gandi Groups were originally created for members of our community to discuss various matters between themselves. As it turned out, many people tend to actually ask specific support questions there. Remember that if you are looking for a quick reply from our support team, don't use the Groups, but rather, the support contact form, because our support team members look through the groups only after the email support questions have been handled.

IRC channels: a direct line to our developers

An IRC channel, what is that? It's a bit of an old-school chat system for geeks :)

We have several channels (on freenode: #gandi-mail #gandi-hosting), but we don't advertise them too much. It's not an official means for contacting the support team, though you will often find gandi developers there, as well as a few frequent customers. You might even get some help there in certain cases, though keep in mind that Gandi's developers are rarely available ;)

And the conclusion of this entry?

Our support is constantly evolving and we are doing everything we can to offer you the best service possible. We are a customer-oriented company that trains professionals in order to stand out from our competition, though mainly to assure that, in the end, you get Gandi support !