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New hosting features

Hosting API in open beta testing

After a month of closed beta testing (thanks to all of you testers!), we are moving our API to open beta. Your connection key is available directly from your account. Documentation is available at this address, and the XML-RPC production address is

A newsgroup is also available. It is accessible by NNTP at or via the web. If needed, you may also contact our technical team at

A few quick examples f things that you can do with our API are available here:

33% reduction in the price of RAM

Now that we have a majority of machines with 48GB of RAM, we can allow ourselves to reduce the price of additional RAM. We are able to reduce the purchase and renewal price by 33%!
This comes to a rate of $5 (£3.16, or €4) excl. VAT) under A rates for 256MB ($4.50, £2.66, or €3.33 excl. VAT if you choose annual subscription).
As announced in our latest news headline, we will also be adding the possibility of purchasing additional cores by the end of the year, thus increasing the flexibility of our service.

Ubuntu 10.10 available

This refers to the 32-bit version, which is already available for new servers.

First 64-bit distribution

The 64-bit version of Debian 5 is currently available in the list of available Gandi distributions. 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 will also be available in a few days.

Please note that with the release of version 3.0.7 of Gandi in a couple of weeks, you will be able to have up to 12 GB of RAM on a server, as opposed to the current limit of 6 GB.
If you would like to have a nice explanation as to how Gandi prepares its distributions so that that they can be available to you, Aegiap has written a short article on the topic in the Gandi Kitchen.

Transform a data disk into a system disk.

This is not magic. Far from it - though nonetheless very technical. The hard-core geeks out there will find the feature very interesting,