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U.S. Data Center Open for Business!

Gandi US We're excited to announce that our US Team & Data Center are open for business, and ready to host YOU!
You can now choose to create your new server in either Paris or Baltimore. Either location will give you the same great Gandi service you expect, in a manner that's cost effective, scalable, efficient and reliable! This is the way cloud computing should be. And it's all about you -

Your Domain
Every domain at Gandi gets full customer support, full DNS control, 5 email mailboxes, gobs of aliases, and privacy protection. While you may find cheaper domains on the market, you won't find one that includes all this. It's also part of our philosophy to sell domains at a reasonable price (not as loss leaders), so that you know we're not just trying to lure you in to sell you something else. We strive to be ethical in our dealings with you. We believe, unlike some providers, that you should have unrestricted access to managing your domain as it is more than just a name - it's YOUR online presence.

Your Cloud
Gandi's Cloud product is developed in house by our dedicated team, based upon powerful open source. Rather then just installing a canned VMware system like you typically get with other vendors, we have developed our hardware and software platforms specifically with support and reliability in mind. It's your service, and you can manage it freely using our web based interface, or via our API and your own tools. Add or remove resources as you need them, when you want them, automatically or by your hand. Pay only for what you use. Gandi Cloud is both elastic and scalable so you can centralize your computing resources and and access them from virtually anywhere.

Your Team
We have a dedicated US team based in Baltimore working to support our US Gandi customers and promote our ethical domain and cutting edge hosting services to new faces far and wide. We would be pleased to get your feedback on what you like about Gandi and what you think we could do better. And of course, tell us how you came to us in the first place! While support will continue to be offered from our multilingual team in Paris, the US team will ensure that you get the level of service you require and that we are on top of US specific issues.

Your Projects
Our popular Gandi Supports policy lends it's support to notable projects in the US such as Creative Commons and The Electronic Frontier Foundation. Gandi Supports has the goal of helping businesses that share our vision for the internet to get started online. We want to put our money where our mouth is and help others achieve the same goals. Please contact us (direction at if you think you’d be a good US candidate for a Gandi Supports project, but make sure you read our pages first to see the kinds of business we support!

Regardless of your location, we'll be here for you, and we look forward to working with you all!

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