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Gandi switches to 3.0.11

This version includes a lot of "invisible" changes, but a few "visible" ones too:

  • the Gandi Mail pack now goes through the streamlined purchase process. You can still pay with the usual means of payment. You can also view the price as well as cancel a mail pack before its expiration.
  • we have also updated some of the contact management processes, especially for domain name transfers.  Some verification mesures are now performed to follow the Registries' requirements and, thus, reduce the number of failed transfers.
  • the orders in progress list for your domain names is a new feature that lets you quickly view your domain name operations. It can be accessed directly from your domains list. Just click on the "Operations" button at the top, just to the right of "Domains". For example, DNS updates and glue records management are now managed in quick asynchronous mode.
  • you can now do a "grouped" search for various domain names on the purchase page.  Here is a preview:

  • 4 new stylish country extensions have been added to our portfolio: .GD (Grenada), .TC (Turks and Caicos Islands), .VG (British Virgin Islands), and .WS (Samoan Islands). The first three extensions are €40.00 excluding VAT/year in the "A" price list, and the last one is €24 excl. VAT/year, also in A list.
  • our datacentre in France now uses the same storage technology as our US one. So we now have plenty of new disks using ZFS technology, ready to serve you even faster than ever! A more technically detailed article is available in the "Gandi Kitchen".
  • Disk snapshots, available only for disks created in the new system, are now for public test for 2 to 3 weeks by our group of testers. Feel free to contact us if you want to be a part of it!

The 3.0.12 will allow us to finalise the migration of our internal processes for domain names (renewal, contact management among others) and billing. Once the migration is over, we will work on V3.1 in order to give everyone an access to our new domain name API.