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GANDI is reinforcing its Corporate offer

For many years now, we have been working with large groups, institutions, associations, SME, as well as consulting and law firms, to bring them a service that is even more customized and complete, all the while remaining ourselves, meaning, clear and honest.

A dedicated and experienced team has recently been hired to develop offers and services that are unique to this type of customer. Gandi is therefore developing its Corporate offer, with the goal of being able to provide you with an ethical alternative to your professional needs.

Thanks to their specific knowledge of this demanding market, developed over the past twelve years in dedicated companies, Michael and Stéphane bring their experience to the teams already in place and that have also (isn't it true Sophie and the others) proven their added value to our "Corporate" customers.

The creation, protection, and promotion of your brands on the internet require personal assistance, and a strong commitment. We make it a point of honor to offer you a service that is 100% customized to your specific needs. Our objective is to create a real lasting partnership with each customer.

Our values are at the foundation of our company: following-up, flexibility, transparency, dedication, and listening to our customers. Yes, this resembles the usual marketing line a bit. However, we want to truly refresh the practices of this market, all the while not making any compromises on what makes us who we are.

Therefore, our ethics will not change; no broken promises, no misleading advertisements, no over-billing for domain names: simply forcing ourselves to do our job honestly and correctly, meaning that we provide you with the best product or service for the right price, and in a way that is transparent.

We offer you a real quality of service, one that is clearly measured and explained depending on your demands. This constitutes our best sales argument, and we commit ourselves to keeping our promises. For us, this is the best guarantee of a relationship based on confidence and one that must last.

We are in the process of working on a group of services that are dedicated to the needs of companies. These services will be progressively made available by the end of the year, though some corporate services are already available such as:

  • Management of dedicated accounts,
  • Transfer and rationalization of entire portfolios,
  • Registration and management of domain names in extensions that we are not or cannot be accredited for,
  • Payment by invoice,
  • Management of your domain name strategy,
  • Local contacts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, to tell us how the Gandi Corporate model may be extremely advantageous for your company versus the existing.