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.FR domains available to Europe

On Tuesday, December 6th 2011 at 10:00 Paris time, AFNIC's changes will take affect. But what will change precisely?

The new extensions that AFNIC will manage are .YT (Mayotte), .PM (St-Pierre and Miquelon), .TF (The French Southern and Antarctic Lands), and .WF (Wallis and Futuna).

Also, all of the various prerequisites will be homogenized: there will no longer be different rules for .fr, or .re, etc. All of the extensions managed by AFNIC will have the same rules.

What are these rules?

Both individuals and companies are now able to register domains in these extensions, as long as they are located in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland. Organizations no longer need to provide a license number, though it is strongly encouraged, as this will facilitate any verification that AFNIC might perform at a later date.

Concerning reserved domain names, it is necessary to prove that you are registering the domain in good faith. The list of reserved/forbidden terms is still not public however it includes city names and is identical to what is reserved with the .fr.

When can you start to register them?

You can already place your orders for these extensions via our usual registration interface! Prices for .YT, .WF, .TF, and .PM are identical to those of .FR and .RE. In the event that the domain you requested is reserved, you'll be able to provide your justification for registering it from your Orders in Progress page. As always, orders that are unsuccessful will be fully refunded to your prepaid account (or to your bank account if you request this).