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Price Increase for .COM/.NET/.BIZ

Not wanting to pass these price increases on to you, our customers, we absorbed the increases in 2007 and 2008. We were helped in this by the low dollar to euro exchange rate, and you benefitted accordingly: our pricing did not change. In 2010, we did increase prices, but eased the pain by applying the increase solely to domain renewals, making sure that we would maintain your confidence through our hard work to be more efficient. Of course, we were also hoping that the economic situation would not deteriorate, destroying this delicate balance.... you know the rest, unfortunately.

We have now reached the point where, if we wish to continue to improve the quality of our service, keep the passionate, dedicated, development team we have happily innovating (a rare and wonderful thing), we are forced to pass on this latest price increase by the registries. That is why our domain creation and renewal rates will finally change.

Looking at our global sales figures, we can see that you place high value on our honesty and our long-term competence in this industry, traits we stay true to, and are constantly seeking to improve. We think this honesty, the respect we have for your privacy, and our dedication to quality are all the more important in a market that is being consolidated by unscrupulous companies. It seems that for some, the domain name services have no value in themselves, and are used merely as bait to capture new clients. These companies seek to sell you other products, where they make a profit. In coming years we believe they plan to be far less generous.

At Gandi, as our 10th anniversary promotion last year proved, we have a different approach. We believe that each year we need to actually prove the quality of our work is worth the price we ask, that we have a stable and sustainable business, and that you can trust us to tell you the truth, just as we are right now. The fact that we do this is why our loyal customers are our best ambassadors, and the reason why we value these customers so much: you ensure our success by believing in us. We hope that you know we understand the importance of your domain names, and that you can continue to trust us to manage them with complete honesty, transparency, and stability, like we always have.

In conclusion:

- On 15 January, the rates for .COM, and .NET will rise by $0.50 (fifty cents) on creations and transfers across all pricing grids, and for renewals.

- On 1 February, the rates for .BIZ will rise by $0.50 (fifty cents) on creations, transfers and renewals across all pricing grids.

As always, we are available to discuss these increases with you. Please feel free to share your comments.