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Simple Hosting is live!

Since its founding, Gandi has challenged itself to combine two things which don't easily go together: We want to be at the forefront of technological innovation in our field, and also to offer our services to as broad an audience as possible.

In 2008, we were among the pioneers of Cloud hosting in Europe, developing a complete IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). This offer, which has been very successful since it was introduced, and which is still growing in users, was primarily aimed at system administrators and architects; people used to dealing with dedicated servers.

We have continued to expand our IaaS platform, which constitutes the foundation of all of our hosting solutions, and this time we wanted to make the technology available to the largest number of people possible. The idea is therefore to combine the flexibility of the Cloud with the simplicity of the traditional shared-hosting model, and to offer all of this at a price everyone can afford.

We therefore present you with a service offer based on a PaaS (Platform as a Service), which will give you all the flexibility you are used to getting from Gandi, but which will be very easy to use. This will be appreciated by webmasters who don't want to have to deal with server administration, but want to benefit from the advantages of Cloud Computing.

We are launching our Simple Hosting offer with a server that has PHP and MySQL already installed, and comes with dedicated disk, RAM, and CPU core resources. The flexibility of the offer allows you to increase or decrease the power of the server in a few clicks (and a few minutes), without the need for migration. We are also keeping the minimum commitment period to one day, so that you can easily create and use resources for only as long as you need them.

Our prices (and all prices below are listed excluding VAT), are designed to give you a very attractive offer that is economically feasible for you and for Gandi. Prices start at €4 euros per month (or an annual cost of €48), and we are both proud and happy to announce that we can guarantee this price.

The starting offer, that we call the "S", or small size, corresponds to a server with 256MB of RAM, one dedicated core, and a MySQL database whose size is limited only by the size of your disk!

We have devised 5 offers in total, for this first instance family, and have grouped them by size, in order to meet your needs. Here they are:

  • S Pack: $5, £3.50 or €4 per month
  • M Pack: $10, £7, or €8 per month
  • L Pack: $20, £14, or €16 per month
  • XL Pack: $30, £21, or €24 per month
  • XXL Pack: $40, £28, or €32 per month

Each size pack will give you twice as much power as the previous size, an exponential increase in power, though the price increase by pack size is basically linear. All the packs come with 10 GB of disk. However, the disk space can be increased just as it can with our IaaS offer, and at the same price: $0.25 (£0.16, or €0.18) per GB per month, up to a maximum of 1 TB (1000GB).

So, what can I run off of an "S" instance?

Many things, in fact. Our engineers have implemented a web cache system that allows us to run many simultaneous pages, as long as they are in the cache. The only real limit is the strict number of simultaneous processes. By strict, we mean simultaneous connections by X number of visitors.

In the case of "S" instances, this limiting number "X" is equal to 2. What this means is that only 2 visitors will be able to call PHP/MySQL at precisely the same instant (the others must wait until the end of the execution of the script before taking their turn, typically a few milliseconds).

Our offer is well suited to people who have created their website themselves, or done so with the help of popular tools such as Magento, Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, punBB, etc. With predefined sFTP access and phpMyAdmin already in place, the management of such a website is surprisingly quick and easy to set up!

To help you with this, we have written up some installation guides of a few popular tools that will help you get your website published on a Gandi instance of any size.

During these 4 months of beta testing, we have been focused on the feedback we received from our testers, looking for the right balance between ease-of-use and security. We have arrived at something that we believe is really easy to use, and yet without sacrifice in the area of security, which is a constant problem, and one not dealt with adequately by some of the more "traditional" hosting offers.

We have already written several wiki pages that will answer the majority of your questions. And for those of you that are eager to get going, we have even written up a Quickstart Guide that will show you the basics in a quick and easy way. Of course, access to our customer service is included in our offer.

Currently we are only offering Simple Hosting out of the Paris datacenter, as we initially needed to validate the technology and infrastructure before ordering up the expansions needed to enable the American datacenter. This has now been done, and Simple Hosting will be available from at our American datacenter at around the beginning of April.

Of course this does not prohibit customers from around the world from benefiting from the current offer. If your visitors are mainly from the United States, however, you might want to consider waiting until our offer is available out of the Baltimore datacenter.

For our customers that have been seduced by our offer but don't yet have a hosting plan with us, we are offering a promo code to all domain name customers at Gandi.

This promo code will give you a 50% discount on the price of any instance you choose, in exchange for a one-year commitment(*). A "S" size at €2 per month, for example, will be a total of €24 for the entire year.
(*) Warning, this offer is limited to the first 3 million customers who request it ;)

We recommend that you choose a S pack (with monthly renewal), and test your site on it, and then adjust the size of your instance as needed (since you are free to do this at any point). When you are sure, just renew your pack at the ideal size, using your promo code.

We have done everything we could to have our offer meet your needs, while staying true to our mission of helping the greatest number of people possible to profit from this wonderful platform for free speech: the Internet!

One more thing: as you know, we do not purchase any advertising, or ever pay anyone to say nice things about us. It's all honest word of mouth (ok, and twitter plays a part too). So, should you like to help us continue operating like this, we would be very grateful if you would purchase a pack of Simple Hosting, but even if you don't, you can still spread the word. Thanks for your support, and we wish you a happy 2012!
The Gandi Team