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Monitor Your Domain Name

The abuse can take several forms. For example, you might find that someone has registered an identical second-level name to yours. Say you have the domain name “”. You might find that a third party has registered, or .org. They might try inserting a typo, like “”, or an alternate spelling like “” or “”. If you are monitoring, you can and take action to protect your domain and your reputation.

Gandi Corporate Services

Through the efforts of our Corporate Services team, we will be able to offer monitoring and reporting on the following types of events:

  • New domain name registrations that match or come close to matching your domains
  • Domain names where the content has been modified (activation, deactivation of a web site, or content of the page changing, for example)
  • Changes to the whois data on a domain name

You can get your results online, regularly. An email can be sent automatically informing you of the availability of your monitoring results for a given period. It may be quarterly, monthly, bimonthly, weekly and even daily.

For each newly registered domain name, you get a time-stamped screen capture, an automatic, customized label, court case data (if available) and the whois details.

For more information about Gandi Corporate Services click here .

WARNING: Corporate Gandi does not give legal advice. Be sure to check with your legal counsel should you need legal help to pursue those who abuse your online identity.