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The Importance of Our Customers

This is our opportunity to remind you that we are listening.

    We have an ongoing need to hear your opinions, whether positive or negative, which we use to improve our services.
  • You can submit your feedback on the lower right-hand side of our contact page.
  • We carefully monitor this and post it publicly.
  • A contact address is also available, where you can submit your reactions to our updates, and of course your comments are always welcome right here at the Bar.

We test each version extensively before release, but bugs, some more annoying than others, occasionally persist. You are always welcome to submit a bug report with a link to a screenshot, for example, to our customer service team.

We also have an ongoing need for you to spread the word about what we do:

  • We do not buy keywords in search engines - we rely on your satisfaction and word of mouth alone.
  • We don't advertise, so we appreciate it when you mention our updates in your social network or directly on your website.
  • We don't buy banners, so our logos are available for download if you want to show that your content is hosted on our Cloud platform or that your domain name is managed with us.

It all boils down to our need to work closely with our users, because our intention is to treat you the way we would like to be treated: Our door is open to you, literally! If you are in Paris or San Francisco, don't hesitate to stop by, have a coffee and chat. We will always be available for you to talk to, be it personally, by email, by Twitter, or by blog post.

We know this is an unusual policy in our industry. We are, nonetheless, firm in our belief that it is the most ethical way to operate. The fact that we don't advertise means that your satisfaction is critical to our success; it is indeed the only way for us to reach new customers. And if that's not a source of motivation to give our existing customers the best service we can, then we don't know what is.