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Gandi Spring Fashion! : 500 Free t-shirts via Twitter

Obviously, without the open channel of paid ads, our ability to spread the word and gain new customers is limited. It's up to you, happy Gandi customers, to do your part and let others know we exist.

The way we see it, we offer you the same services we would use in your position, if we had a team of specialists to set them up for us. These products have to work, because only customers who like what they are getting will recommend us. That's you, our sales team. Every time you mention Gandi, our alternative approach and the services you enjoy, you make it possible for more people to discover us and join the Gandi community.

That's why we're putting up a little marketing operation on the Twitter social network:

From April 10 to 14, you have the chance to win a fantastic Gandi "#no_bullshit" T-shirt! Just re-tweet one of our messages from the @gandibar account
We will award 100 t-shirts every day, drawing at random from the list of users who retweeted one of the messages listed below, or any news you like that we tweet, to @gandibar.

- message #1 Win one of 500 Gandi t-shirts on Twitter between April 10th and 14th!
- message #2 If you have a domain name at Gandi, you get 50% off on a year of Simple Hosting.
- message #3 You get a free SSL cert with each domain at Gandi
- message #4 DNSSEC is available at Gandi for 16 domain name extensions.
- message #5 The Gandi April Newsletter is available online.

ATTENTION: The purpose of this campaign is to convey useful information, and to find new Gandi customers, not to spam the Twitter network.
Also, we would appreciate your ethical, responsible behavior during this campaign. We will consider only a single retweet per day per user. Additional retweets within a day are welcome, but will not be considered for the drawing, even if you retweet a different message.

Another important point: we will send the winners a code by "DirectMessage", which can be used to get a t-shirt. You should follow @ gandibar so we can send you your DM, should you win.

For those allergic to Twitter, we will launch another campaign by the beginning of summer :)