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Gandi Support for Code the Change

Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". That's often a challenge for computer science professionals. We tend to get recruited for hot projects like social media, virtualization, or cloud computing, and it sometimes is difficult to see the social good of all our hard work. At the same time, it's frustrating to see so much going wrong in the world that we could help fix, if we knew who needed our help, and how to give it to them efficiently.

How many more gifted and creative people would enter the computer science field if they knew that their work would be uplifting, socially relevant, and valued by society? How do we motivate ourselves and our peers to come up with the creative solutions we know we need to fix the world's problems?

Well, there are organizations out there that are making a difference. So besides sending your favorite non-profit a little extra cash, how can you contribute?

Code the Change That's where Code the Change comes in. With their "Code Jams", they give you the chance to spend a short time creating solutions for the technical and software challenges faced by non-profits. You can do good with code!

They are also actively creating a network of schools, and connecting computer scientists to the non-profits that need their help. By offering students career counseling and guidance, Code the Change is inspiring those who might otherwise choose another subject, just because they do not see the social value in becoming a computer professional.

Some of the projects Code the Change has helped out are:
  • Anjna Patient Education - Interactive Health Module
  • Occupy Wall Street - Federated General Assembly
  • SIRUM - Tooltips: Donation of unused medicines
  • Endowr "Enabler": Financial Aid Reform

Gandi is proud to support Code the Change. Check out their site!

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