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Accented .FR domains

We spoke about this a bit in an earlier post that also concerned IDNs (and specifically the Russian extension, .РФ), and I recommend that you refer back to it to see what an IDN domain or an ASCII domain is.

Anyway, as mentioned above, as of May 3rd, AFNIC will authorize .FR, .RE, .PM, .YT, .WF, and .TF domain owners to register the accented form (IDN) of their domain without accents (ASCII). This possibility will therefore first be reserved to owners and their existing ASCII-domain.

For example:
We are the happy owners of GANDI.FR. Because of this, on May 3rd, if we use the owner handle of this domain, we will be allowed to register the domains GÀNDÎ.FR, or GÅÑDÌ.FR if we so chose.

However, if we didn't own GANDI.RE, then we would not be able to register GÀNDÎ.RE, for example, and we would need to wait until July 3rd before we could benefit from the first-come, first-served right to purchase the domain.

There are a total of 30 accented letters that may be used with your accented AFNIC domain, which we list below:

All(*) of the accepted ASCII and IDN letters that can be used are available in this AFNIC document under article 2.2.

If you obtain an error while trying to register your accented domain between May 3rd and July 3rd, and if you are sure to own the unaccented version of it, contact Gandi's support which will investigate what the hold-up might be and make any corrections as needed in order to allow the registration to go through.

For the others, your orders will be submitted as soon as possible following the general opening on July 3rd :)

Finally, we would like to remind you that accented domains managed by AFNIC must meet the same registration rules, and have the same prices as their unaccented forms.

* In application of RFC3454, the character 'ß'is converted to a double 's' during registration.