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Gandi on Facebook: Win a free T-shirt!

As we mentioned in our article on our Twitter operation in April, Gandi does not spend a penny in the advertisement world. We prefer to get the word out by word-of-mouth, a term that has in recent years been changed to "viral marketing" to a certain degree. And these social networking tools are a very good way to share our name on the internet, and to be known.

This time around, it will be through our official Facebook page that we would like to promote this little drawing. The lucky winners will get a special limited edition Gandi t-shirt like this:

Gandi t-shirt

How to play?

It's super easy: go to the drawing's application, which is found on our official Facebook page and click on "I like Gandi". Then, select the country where you would like your t-shirt delivered to as well as your email address so that we can send you your free promo code if you win!

This drawing will run all week long (from June 4th to the 8th), and will have 100 lucky winners each day. Everyone that likes gandi will be put back in the pool for the next day's drawing for another chance - though the winners will be removed of course ;)

If you are a lucky drawing winner, you will get a promo code that you can use at the end of the t-shirt ordering process to get it for free. Just to be really clear, the promo code can ONLY be used for the special Facebook t-shirt and it also includes shipping. So don't be surprised if you choose a different t-shirt design and are asked to pay :)

You'll find the t-shirt order page here. As to when you can expect to get your shirt, know that we will start printing the shirts when the drawing is over, and will ship by zone. You can therefore expect to get your t-shirt about a week or so (around June 15th) after the end of the drawing.

Once again, a super big thanks to all of you who chose to like! - you are helping us get the word out about what we do, which remains focused on domain names and hosting (new extensions, technology, and our monthly newsletter).

Finally, you can be sure too that WE LOVE YOU!