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Zone file management: many new improvements

First of all, it is worth mentioning that our new interface exclusively uses our new API which, as a reminder, is publicly available.

What changes

We have deleted the so-called "simple" interface, which despite it's nice name, was more often than not the source of error for our customers. Though don't worry, the "Normal" interface is very clear and easy to use. The other interface, "Expert", is reserved to those that know how to make direct changes to a BIND zone file.

One of the most important improvements is that you now have the ability to view the entire list of zones used by your domains at a glance. This list is currently available to you by clicking on the button on your Control Panel area that is to the right of "Domain Names", or by going directly there. In this list, you will also see the type of zone file (public or private), as well as its current version number, the possibility of seeing the domains that use it as well as a quick view of its contents. All these changes should lead to a considerable gain in time for many of you :)


Error prevention

Changing the zone file of a domain that is active is frequently a stressful operation for those of you that have a high-volume website of which the domain name is also the object of this very modification. Just one little error can lead to a connection loss of your website and therefore even your whole operation, and can last several hours.

In the new zone file management interface, you cannot edit the zone file that is active and in use: you need to first make a copy of it, which will then be the new version (identical to the one currently being used, though which can be edited and which is not yet in use). Once you have made the necessary modifications, you need to choose to activate that zone. In the event of an error, you can quickly go back to the previous version of the zone, and therefore limit the damage.

If you want to explore our online documentation to see how it works, the zone file information is here.