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Gandi BaseKit: it's live!

What is Gandi Basekit?

Gandi Basekit is a complete website creation tool that is based on HTML5 and CSS standards. It will let you create websites without needing any particular knowledge of these languages and uses a type of interface called "WYSIWYG" (for, What You See Is What You Get). In other words, its a graphic interface that you can use to create a website, similar to SiteMaker, already available at

Gandi BaseKit

What can it do that SiteMaker can't?

First of all, this is an additional product and not a replacement. Our die-hard Gandi SiteMaker fans can be assured that we are maintaining it. Gandi BaseKit is, unlike SiteMaker, clearly oriented towards standard languages such as HTML5 and CSS, and is therefore more open and easier to edit (the CSS is completely accessible and can be totally customized with the "Professional" pack), and it also has (for the moment) more e-commerce features.

The tool itself is *really* different, and many of you will prefer it :)


First of all, as a domain name customer at Gandi you will automatically benefit from two free BaseKit pages, just like we previously did with SiteMaker. If you have one or more domains and no SiteMaker website activated (1 domain = the right to create 2 free pages), you can then create a free 2-page Gandi BaseKit website to see what it looks like. And if you already have a free Gandi SiteMaker website, don't worry, you can keep it :)

There are three Gandi BaseKit packs that are for a subscription fee that give you more or less pages and content type. For more information on this visit this page to see a comparison of the offers.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that you are no longer currently obliged to have your domain name at Gandi in order to purchase a Gandi SiteMaker or Gandi BaseKit website (but this is too bad for your domain ;)).

How about features?

The features are similar, though there is a large panel of the most frequently used tools, including a bunch of Widgets that are directly integrated into the options, complete and functional e-commerce solutions (PayPal and Google CheckOut), communication tools that link to social networks, etc. Everything is available there I think :)

Getting started is easy, though very different from SiteMaker, and you will find a large number of guides and even a dedicated YouTube channel that visibly demonstrate how to do things, as well as show you some useful tips!

An offer that can be upgraded??

Yes, of course! And there are two types of upgrading:

  • the tool itself. This is because the BaseKit developers continue to work on their tool, every day, fixing problems, adding new features, improving processes... Their updating schedule is about every two months and we work with them to see which improvements should be made to our offer right away or which should wait until the next cycle. However, know that the tool is constantly maintained and kept up to date.
  • of the pack to a higher offer. Just like Gandi SiteMaker, it is impossible to downgrade however. This is not to hold you hostage, but simply because we don't have any way to control the content, and it is not possible, with the tool, to remove pages, features, images, or storage space to make it correspond to a lower offer. You will therefore want to be sure to choose to upgrade your website when you determine that is really is necessary...

And for import/export?

At present, there is no tool that is integrated into BaseKit that will allow you to export or backup your website, however with the help of the BaseKit development team, this tool will soon be available. And for those that know a bit, since this is standard HTML5 and CSS, a simple website scraper will let you make a local copy, while waiting for the integrated tool to arrive :)

However the possibility of easily and freely exporting your website is an absolute priority for us and we are doing everything possible so that this feature will be available to you soon.

Well, here it is for the general presentation, and the answer to some basic questions that you are bound to have I think. There will surely be others, though in the meantime, I'll invite you to have a look at some of the available themes, so that you can see the professional look of the website creation tool, and if you have a domain at Gandi and you want to test it out it's over here !