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Server shares are now more powerful!

Beginning today, server shares, which are the foundation of our Cloud hosting solutions (IaaS), will have double the RAM, bandwidth and 50% more disk space. This means that for a single share you now get:

  • 512 MB RAM (instead of 256 MB)
  • 10 mbps of bandwidth (instead of 5mbps)
  • 12 GB of storage (instead of 8 GB)

Of course this 'lifting' effect is automatically applied to all the server shares that you already possess :)

The other parameters (CPU and IP) remain identical. As a reminder, here are the maximum limitations per server:

  • 100mbps per interface (and still 4 interfaces per server, or 400 mbps of bandwidth max.)
  • 1 TB per disk (and still 8 disks per server, for a total of 8TB per server max.)
  • 24 GB of RAM per server
  • 12 processor cores per server

If you would like to know more about the configuration limits or functioning of Gandi's server network interfaces for example, come have a look at our wiki pages dedicated to this subject.

Simultaneously, we are stopping the support of Linux 2.6.36 kernels on our platform. We have applied many corrections to this version, adapted for Xen, although there are sill some bugs in XFS, memory management, and the transparent migration that we use to move your servers in the event of a hardware problem.

This version has been replaced by a more stable Linux 3.2 kernel on the images concerned. 2.6.36 is still available in the management interface, though not recommended. If you need the "cutting edge" features of a recent kernel, then it's best to use a 3.2 kernel.