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Gandi Simple Hosting Now Live in the USA

So far, Gandi's PaaS offerings have no real equivalent in France or Europe, but similar services are beginning to be seen in the U.S. Try out our simple hosting, compare it to the competitors for speed, power, and price. Let us know how we can make it even easier to spin up. We think we compare extremely well with other PaaS offerings.

What is it? Well, Simple Hosting is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), developed completely by Gandi, in-house. Our goal is to allow as much flexibility as our on-demand Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting gives you, but also to add a layer of simplification, relieving webmasters of most of the administration tasks of a web server, and bringing them the benefits of running in the cloud.

The kind of benefits we have given you with Gandi Simple Hosting are usually associated with "shared" hosting services. That's not what this is: Gandi Simple Hosting is true cloud computing. Your instance is a full, isolated, virtual host, with all the benefits of security, performance, and manageability that brings. It's just easier to use, like shared hosting is. This is the best of both worlds.

We decided to launch Gandi Simple Hosting with one platform to start with: the ever-popular Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, or LAMP stack. This lets Gandi customers run dozens of applications designed for this platform in the cloud, and to get them up and running quickly, securely, and easily. Other versions featureing other languages ​​and databases will follow in the coming months.

To create your Simple Hosting instance in the US, simply choose the Baltimore location on the instance creation form. We have made it easy to get started, with some flexible features: The billing for Gandi Simple Hosting is flexible: you are charged by the day. For example, an instance of size S run for three days and released will cost you all of 50 US cents. Scaling up to a bigger instance is also prorated over the period, so you really only pay for what you use.

if you have a domain name at Gandi, you have a coupon in your account giving you 50% off on your first year subscription to any pack. Note that annual subscriptions are not prorated.

One other thing to note: There is no facility to migrate instances between data centers. Just create a new instance and copy over your data if you want to move to a different data center.

We hope you enjoy Gandi Simple Hosting, now available in the USA!